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Black and White Baby Bedding by Liz and Roo

Sophisticated Styles for Baby Nurseries

In the first weeks of life, babies don’t see in a lot of detail, only shades of gray. Black and white nursery bedding creates high contrasts that babies find appealing. Contrast has a lot to do with the development of your newborn’s eyesight, and your baby’s interest in these high-contrast colors continues through six to nine months of age!

When it comes to baby bedding and nursery themes, black should be used in moderation. We like black as an accent color or, in nursery bedding, combined with a mobile or an object or artwork. Research has repeatedly shown that newborns prefer to look at black and white geometric shapes rather than bright colors or pastels.

Don’t be afraid to accent a black and white nursery with bright, cheerful colors as well. Include artwork and furnishings with contrasting colors and shapes.

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