Dream Nursery Blog Post #2: Colors, Colors, Colors

Which comes first? Paint color? Crib furniture color? Crib bedding color? These are the questions that Rachel and Chad were wrestling with the past few weeks. They looked online for some cribs, then shopped at a few local stores, including Babies R Us (their area doesn't have a Buy Buy Baby) and a few furniture boutiques. They found a creamy white crib they really liked, but then, while shopping online, they found the Restoration Hardware line of cribs and fell in love. So, for Rachel and Chad, the crib furniture was the starting point. 

Since the room is small, Rachel is hoping to feature an accent wall with paint. Our advice was to select the fabrics (nursery crib bedding) next, since matching a paint color with the bedding is so much easier that way. Once the nursery fabrics have been chosen, there are a myriad of options for paint colors. We love Benjamin Moore paints and have their color collections in our workspace for customers to review. 

Below, the future nursery, which was formerly an office.

nursery before

You can see little Ace, their son, standing at the desk in the future nursery! 

So, the crib arrived this week! It was a pretty exciting day. Chad and Rachel selected the "Bellina arched panel conversion crib" in Vintage Gray, and Chad, with the help of Ace, put it together. With the room cleaned out, the transformation from office to baby nursery is starting to take shape. 

Ready for the new crib in the Dream Nursery

Chad and Ace putting the Restoration Hardware crib together. You can see the matching dresser in the photo on the right. 

New Gray Crib for the Dream Nursery        New gray crib - Dream Nursery  

Next, Rachel and her mom came to visit us at Liz and Roo last week (she lives about an hour away, luckily, so we got to meet in person) and starting pouring through fabrics. Both Rachel and her mom are in love with florals, and Rachel took home some samples to show her husband.

She selected a floral with blush pink, cream, and a little green. The colors blend so well with the gray RH crib they selected. Rachel and her mom, Carmen, ended up walking through our stock room looking for inspiration. Since the Liz and Roo stockroom is home to about 200 different products, from baby pillows to crib skirts to blankets to changing pad covers and more, they had a lot of fun pulling different designs and patterns and creating a custom look for their baby girl's nursery. 

With the crib selection done and the fabrics checked off, both Rachel and her mom left. They were two happy campers! Rachel has about 15 weeks to go until her due date, and she has plenty of time to work on the nursery. Things are moving on schedule!

Dream Nursery Blog Post #1. Meet the Edelen Family!

We are excited to announce that our first "Dream Nursery" contest participants are Rachel and Chad Edelen, of Floyds Knobs, Indiana. This week's blog features photos from their exciting baby reveal event.

We'll be following Rachel and Chad on their journey with baby #2. Upcoming blogs will show their steps as they prepare the finished nursery design (including furniture and decor choices) for baby #2's birth. We are looking forward to sharing Rachel and Chad's story all the way leading up to their baby girl's arrival! Liz and Roo is designing the nursery (yes, it's all done GRATIS, which is why this program is gaining so much popularity!) And, we're collaborating with some exciting nursery decor vendors that we'll unveil along the way.

We hope you'll follow along with us and Edelen family this year. Here are a few more details about our first Dream Nursery winners...

About the Edelen Family
Rachel and Chad Edelen
One child (currently): Ace (Asher Charles Edelen). Born in October 2015 (21 months).
Current location: Floyds Knobs, Indiana

The photo below features Ace waiting for the announcement of his new sibling's gender. Will it be a baby brother or baby sister?

Baby Due Date:  December 10, 2017
Baby Reveal: A party with family and friends at 16 weeks.

About the Edelen's Gender Reveal Event

Rachel had her first ultrasound at 4:30 pm, on June 28, the day of the reveal party. Rachel and her mom, Carmen, had an appointment with Sweet Baby Face, an elective ultrasound boutique in Louisville, Kentucky. 

She did not want to know the gender of the baby during her ultrasound. But, Rachel's mother was told at the conclusion of the ultrasound. When asked why, Rachel proclaimed she "can't keep a secret. I give everybody their gifts before the holiday ever rolls around!"

Coming from a family that is "weighted" on the boy side, and having a little boy already, Rachel was convinced baby #2 was a boy. Her sister Meagan Love has four boys, ages 11, 9, 7 and 2. Out of all the grandchildren (her grandparents have 13 grandchildren currently) there are already 9 boys.

The Reveal Party was at 7:00 PM. Rachel's mom had ordered both a baby girl reveal balloon and a baby boy reveal balloon from Etsy. 

For the reveal, Chad and Rachel launched a black balloon with a tassel and canon.

Rachel told us that when the balloon popped, little Ace said, "Oh no, oh no, oh no." Everyone laughed because it was as if he was saying "oh no" to having a baby sister, but he was really saying "oh no" to the popped balloon.

Rachel and Chad have a small guest room that, with the help of Liz and Roo, will transform into a nursery. We are starting from scratch, with a bare room that will be painted. Rachel likes the idea of having an accent wall because the room is so small. 

There are so many wonderful options Liz and Roo can provide to the Edelen family for their new nursery! We look forward to sharing more of their story with you soon. Stay tuned for the next blog post, when we hope to provide some progress updates regarding the Edelen's nursery color decisions!

Liz and Roo's Dream Nursery Contest - How To Apply

Would you like to work hand-in-hand with one of the top baby bedding design companies to outfit the nursery of your dreams? Liz and Roo is sponsoring the new "Create Your Dream Nursery" contest to help you create the luxurious room your baby deserves!

Dream Nursery

Best of all, you'll have access to our professional Liz and Roo design team and it's all done GRATIS! That's right; you tell us what you want and we help make your dream nursery a long the way.  

Beginning September 1, 2017 we will be selecting an expecting parent(s) each quarter to be the recipient of brand new crib bedding, curtains, valances, and some other nice nursery decor and baby surprises. As part of this incredible prize package, winners will be required to photograph the progression of their nursery along the way. We are so excited to share stories from growing families as they await the big day. We'll even feature your journey in our blog!

Best of all, you'll have access to our professional Liz and Roo design team and it's all done GRATIS! That's right, you tell us what you want and we help make your dream nursery a reality! And, we're collaborating with some exciting nursery decor vendors that we'll unveil along the way.

If you are interested in joining the contest, complete the following short application and we’ll be in touch! The link is below:


Official rules, terms, and conditions 

ELIGIBILITY: The Liz and Roo “Dream Nursery" Contest (sponsored by Liz and Roo) is open to individuals who are legal residents of the United States who at time of entry reside within United States  and are age 18 or older. No purchase necessary to enter or win this contest. Void where prohibited or restricted. No employee or immediate family member of an employee is eligible to win the contest.



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