Baby Gift Box | Henry the Bunny | 2-pc | Ready to Ship


This perfect gift for a special little one will make a lasting impression. The Baby Gift Box includes Henry the Bunny from Cuddle + Kind and a soft blanket for a complete and memorable present. Ready to ship, it's the perfect pick for any occasion.

  • Henry the Bunny from Cuddle + Kind, a company that hand makes each doll in Peru. Every sale donates 10 meals to children and comes with a birthday and a personality description. 
  • a super soft 30" by 40" Liz and Roo cream herringbone blanket

Henry's Information:

Height: 13" (the smaller doll shown in the images)

Birthday: August 5th

I‘m a carrot connoisseur and love munching on them wherever I go. Would you like to share? They’re super delicious! I love hopping as fast as I can and working with my paws all day. Let’s be best friends, grow things together in the soil and sun and share with everyone!

Favorite quote: “Born to be kind.”

Goal: To provide 1 million meals a year.

The baby gift bundle comes in a gift box filled with colorful crinkle paper and is packed and shipped for you. We include a personal note at no charge. Cost of bundle includes packaging and Free Shipping UPS.