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Designer Baby Bedding | 2 Reasons To Buy Designer Crib Bedding | Liz and Roo

What’s the difference between “designer baby bedding” and all other baby bedding manufacturers? Why buy a more expensive brand? Here’s two reasons it is worth your while to consider a higher quality bedding product.

  1. The quality of the fabrics used in the baby bedding. A designer baby bedding brand will use fine fabrics, 100% cotton, linen, or linen/rayon blend that are tested, and free of the chemicals that can be dangerous to baby. From soft sheets and blankets, to the textures to luxurious patterns and solids, look for the highest-quality cotton, linen, and faux fur. Remember, thread count, contrary to popular belief, does NOT equate to quality. What does matter is the quality of the thread.
Seagulls Faux Fur Blanket by Liz and Roo
Forest Animals Cotton Crib Sheet by Liz and Roo

2.  The quality of workmanship. How is the crib sheet or changing pad cover finished? Does the elastic have a strong band that is sewn all the way around the sheet or changing pad cover? How deep are the pockets? Remember, you don’t want to fight to change the crib mattress (and you’ll be doing that ALL the time). Extra deep pockets and strong seams are important if the sheet is going to withstand hundreds of washings.

Does the company guarantee its products (Liz and Roo does!). Check the finished product for quality clues. It’s worth the extra money to buy things that last. You don’t want to have to replace your crib sheets because the elastic wears out or the seams rip. If you buy a quality sheet, you won’t have that problem.

What is the soft material on the blanket? Faux fur is far superior to flannel or sherpa, which many manufacturers use to cut costs. There’s a world of difference between a faux fur blanket and a flannel backed blanket. How is the crib skirt constructed? Does it have a deck top (the finer skirts have deck tops). Where is it sewn? We believe made in USA products are higher quality and we manufacture all Liz and Roo products in Kentucky.




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