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Our History

In 2013, Caroline Eager and Carol Ann Anderson founded Liz and Roo, a luxury baby bedding line. Their vision? To create a modern, sophisticated made in USA baby line that emphasized safety, quality workmanship, and style. Liz and Roo pulled on Eager’s expertise as the founder of American Made Dorm, a retailer and manufacturer of made in USA dorm bedding. Liz and Roo’s wide assortment of modern crib bedding designs are made by sewing artisans in Kentucky. Manufacturing locally has always been of utmost importance to the brand, as it enables them to closely oversee the design process and to ensure the highest quality workmanship at every step of the process. In response to the recommendation by the American Society of Pediatrics, Liz and Roo strongly promotes bumper-free bedding. Their signature product is the "bumperless crib bedding set", featuring a crib rail cover to replace traditional bumpers. 

A women-owned business, Liz and Roo's baby bedding products can be found in more than 125 specialty baby stores in the USA and Canada and is also sold online at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us.

Liz and Roo Baby Bedding Products 

Liz and Roo offers ready-to-ship baby bedding sets and separates, including gender neutral bedding, baby bedding for boys, and crib bedding for girls. The ability to mix and match all our modern baby bedding is an extremely popular and affordable option for a “customized” nursery. We offer over 75 fabrics to choose from and a full array of crib bedding products. At Liz and Roo, our inspiration combines current design, color, and fabric trends with the signature Liz and Roo “aesthetic” that emphasizes simple, clean, sophisticated styles. We create beautiful designs that feel exclusive, original, and upscale at a reasonable price. 

Manufacturing locally is a great source of inspiration because it allows us to work one-on-one with the people who sew for us, gaining their insights and experience. Seeking fabrics that are made in USA is always our first priority and we've been successful in sourcing the great majority of our fabrics here. Some fabrics, however, are not even made in the USA, "minky" or faux fur being one of them. We buy our "minky" made in Korea.

The Importance of Local Manufacturing

American Made means supporting local communities and employing a superb work force in our own backyard. There is genuine satisfaction in local manufacturing that cannot be achieved if one were to simply order overseas-made bedding. There is no ability to control design or quality in overseas-made manufacturing. Working with our sewing team from "conception to production" is something we love and sets our products apart from run-of-the-mill crib bedding.

We’re a small, women-owned business. The two precious girls pictured here are the inspiration for Liz and Roo. Liz (on left) and Chase (whose nickname was Roo, on right), were attending their first big girl tea party when this photo was taken 20 years ago!  In 2017, both Liz and Roo got engaged, and will celebrate their weddings in October and November!

Our Promise To Our Customers
Our promise to you: unparalleled customer service, made in USA quality, modern designs, and a commitment to competitive pricing. Come join our family at Liz and Roo!