Crib Bedding Basics: What's Safe in the Crib?

What Goes in the Crib?

The answer? Nothing but your baby! Newborns should never be covered with a blanket or comforter. That also means no toys, stuffed animals, pillows, or anything! The Pediatric Society of America recommends “bare is best”. The minky receiving blankets made by Liz and Roo are for wrapping baby while rocking, cuddling, or holding your baby, for "tummy time", car seat or stroller use. The key is to use the blanket outside the crib. You can also lay the blanket on the floor and place your baby on the blanket for play time. They'll love the feel of the faux fur!

Nautical Whales Baby Blanket


Babies only need a fitted crib sheet in the crib. You won’t find a top sheet for a crib and the use of any sheet or blanket in the crib is potentially dangerous. Fitted sheets should fit the mattress tightly. At Liz and Roo, we use a strong, one inch elastic band all the way around the crib sheet to ensure it hugs the mattress tightly and safely. In addition, our sheets are extra deep so they wrap around and under the mattress. You don't want to fight the sheets when remaking in the middle of the night, and you really don't want the corners curling up and coming loose (that's not safe for baby). That's why the extra deep pockets are important for a safe fit. We've got lots of pretty designs in our deluxe signature all cotton crib sheets.

Inexpensive crib sheets have tiny elastic bands that lose their elasticity with washing and eventually begin to creep off the ends of the mattress. It's worth it to spend a few dollars more on your crib sheet to ensure your baby’s safety and your peace of mind.

What's a Crib Rail Cover?

The Crib Rail Cover is a great addition to the crib. It serves a dual purpose. First, it protects against teething marks and your baby potentially ingesting tiny wood slivers. If you've got a convertible crib, you want to preserve it, because that rail becomes the footboard of your future bed! Second, it is a beautiful finishing touch to the crib bedding and “look”. Take a look at Liz and Roo's pretty rail covers, also known as crib teething covers! We monogram the rail covers for a personalized nursery, too.

Buck Woodland Crib Bedding with Crib Rail Cover

Crib Rail Covers have ribbons or ties that secure through button holes. They fit securely over the rail of the crib. The vintage airplane crib rail cover shows how the ties secure through the button holes. You can tie in a knot for security, and leave the ribbons hanging, or you can finish with a bow, as shown below.

The "Lovey" or Security Blanket

Babies typically grow attached to their blankets, so don’t be surprised if you wish you had bought two! It is very difficult to get your toddler to change blankets if it wears out too soon and you cannot find a replacement. The most popular blanket for your little one is called a "Lovey", and Liz and Roo's "Little Roo" is the perfect security blanket. It's a 15" square with a satin back and satin trim. Babies love the feel of satin, and often stroke the corners of their blanket for comfort. The security blanket helps babies during stressful transition times, such as a transition to daycare.

At Liz and Roo, we sell the blanket, the crib sheet, the skirt and the rail cover as separates so you can mix and match. We also sell a 3 pc and a 4 pc set. It’s made in the USA, ensuring quality workmanship.

Take a look at our baby girl bedding selections, baby boy bedding selections, or gender neutral baby bedding. You'll find made in USA quality baby bedding featuring the highest quality standards with your baby's safety in mind!