How to Care For Your Linen Baby Bedding

Don't be afraid of purchasing Linen Baby Bedding! It's easy to care for and looks beautiful.

Linen is a gorgeous and durable fabric that is made from fibers of the flax plant. Taking care of your linen baby bedding will be easy.

Linen actually softens with age. It has fabulous fibers that "pill" and look better with each washing.

Most think that you must dry clean linen baby bedding. Not true! Linen fabric is the world’s oldest natural fiber. Linen fabrics are actually stronger than cotton.

Can I wash my Linen Baby Bedding?

Yes. Use a mild detergent for washing and the gentle cycle. Be sure and machine wash with like colors in lukewarm or cold water on a gentle cycle. We don't recommend washing linen in hot water because heat weakens fibers. TIP:  Don't overload your machine! Washing linens by themselves is best. Linens will become softer with each washing.

linen crib sheets by Liz and Roo


Can I use bleach on white linen?

No! Never use chlorine bleach on linens. Chlorine bleach causes linen to yellow. If you use it to spot treat a stain on your linen baby bedding, you will end up with yellow stains.

How do I dry my Linen Baby Bedding?

In the dryer on very low heat. Remove when still damp or the linen will appear stiff and a little crackled. Lay flat to dry. You don't need to iron, but touch ups are perfectly fine either with steam or a steam iron. We always recommend ironing on the opposite side of the fabric.

Flax Linen Monogrammed Baby Sham by Liz and Roo

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