Minimalist Nursery Design

Less is more. At Liz and Roo, we are well aware that this is an overly used cliché, but once you start to pare down and really think about essentials, you’ll be halfway to creating a serene, comforting space for your newborn child. Walk through the baby section of any store and you can become overwhelmed with the endless things our culture deems necessary when it comes to raising a little human. 

Did you know that the average American spends around eight hours a week cleaning and dealing with clutter? This time spent organizing unnecessary items takes away from quality time with your newborn. It’s important to raise your children to understand that it’s not about having a lot of “things”; to teach them to appreciate what they have. What better way to instill these values than by creating a minimalist nursery! 


 Photo: Petit and Small

Creating a minimalist nursery can be a daunting task. Trying to bring a clean, simplistic yet modern aesthetic to fruition requires thoughtful execution. Remember to always be careful when it comes to creating a minimalist space, as it can be hit or miss. You can easily end up with a boring or bare room that feels empty. It needs to be a relaxing, clutter-free space that acts as a sanctuary hidden from the stress of the everyday for you and your baby. Don’t overwhelm yourself. You can simply start by painting the whole room a shade of creamy white or pale grey, like a blank canvas, then gradually furnish and decorate. And while neutrals and grey tones are a hallmark of the minimalist movement, there’s no official rulebook. In the nursery shown on the right, see how white becomes the soft backdrop for this elephant themed nursery. Photo compliments of:  

photo: The Animal Print Shop


At Liz and Roo, our inspiration combines current design, color, and fabric trends with the Liz and Roo “aesthetic” that emphasizes simple, clean, modern styles that can help bring your minimalist nursery to life. Accenting in the correct places is key to a minimalist nursery. When it comes to color, have no fear! Whether you wish to add it on an accent wall or through the baby bedding, pick and choose where to add the pops of color in the nursery as the focal point. Liz & Roo crib bedding offers stylish designs to appropriately accent your uncluttered theme without going overboard.

So, here are some tips to help guide you on your journey to your clean, crisp and sophisticated minimalist nursery:


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Bare is best, recommends the American Pediatric Society. This crib (above) sports just a crib sheet. Note: the blanket and animals are for show only. Baby does not sleep with any objects in the crib. Photo: Popsugar