What Kind Of Baby Blanket Should I Buy?

What kind of baby blanket should you buy for your newborn? Baby blankets come in so many different sizes and have many different names. Here’s a quick summary of the various types of blankets and their uses. It should help you decide what to buy, what to give for a gift, or what to plan for!

There are four main types of baby blankets:

Receiving Blankets

The most versatile baby blanket is the receiving blanket. These blankets typically measure 30” x 40” and are used to wrap and rock baby, to lay baby down on the floor (“tummy time”), as a stroller cover when it’s cold outside, or in the car seat. This makes a great baby shower gift. Every baby needs more than one receiving blanket! You can also monogram some of the solid color receiving blankets, making a special and lasting gift. Our favorite blanket at Liz and Roo is the faux fur blanket, which is luxe and soft and will quickly become both baby's and mom's (or dad's) favorite! We love this blanket SO much that we made it in adult size and called it "The Big Minky". 

Security Blanket

Every baby needs a security blanket…which grows in importance when your baby becomes a toddler (and then some). Security Blankets, typically 15” square, are also called “Loveys”, and provide comfort to your baby/toddler. They are typically made of soft plush minky and almost always have a satin trim (babies love to caress satin). Some of the newer styles have a stuffed animal attached! Your baby will grow into a toddler who will carry his or her Lovey everywhere. It’s best to have two identical Loveys in case one is lost. Liz and Roo manufactures Loveys in blue, pink, and gray

Swaddling Blanket

Swaddling blankets provide calm and comfort for baby by keeping him tightly wrapped, emulating the womb. Swaddling blankets help baby sleep and keep him from scratching his/her face with their little nails. The most common swaddling blankets are made of muslin and are about 45” square.

Crib Blankets and Quilts

Crib blankets, typically a quilt, should not be used in the crib with infants. These should be reserved for when your baby moves to the big boy or big girl toddler bed! These quilts range in size but are larger than a receiving blanket.

Liz and Roo manufactures all baby blankets in the USA. We make receiving blankets in numerous patterns, colors, and themes (anchors baby blankets, elephant baby blankets, chevron baby blankets) plus Little Roo Loveys, our signature security blanket! You can trust the quality of a Liz and Roo baby blanket.