Why Made in USA?

What's the difference in having your baby bedding made in USA? That's simple: quality and safety. The quality of workmanship of our crib bedding is far superior than bedding made overseas. Why? Because our crib bedding pieces are sewn one by one by people who take pride in the art of sewing. Second, we have hands-on involvement at every step of the manufacturing process, underscoring the quality of our bedding and accessories. Third, we don't skimp on materials. Our sheets and changing pads have a one inch elastic band and carry a lifetime guarantee. Our sheets won't tear or rip in the corners after washing and our elastic remains as tight as the day you purchase the sheets. Lastly, we buy high quality fabrics and spend the needed time to design products that last. 

Once you receive your bedding and accessories from Liz and Roo, you'll see the difference that true American-made manufacturing can make. Yes, it's a little more expensive, but the reason is the higher quality. You can buy inexpensive overseas-made bedding anywhere. It's inexpensive because it is not made to last. You don't want to have to replace your bedding after a few months of wear. By the time you do that, you could have purchased true made in USA bedding.

At Liz and Roo, we can’t imagine producing the bedding for your baby overseas. That's why we created this fine line of baby bedding made in the USA. When you purchase American-made baby bedding, you know you can count on strict quality standards. You can expect the comfort and craftsmanship that only we can oversee by manufacturing your baby bedding in the USA. 

When you order a Liz and Roo baby bedding set, you’ll receive a high end bedding product made in America and made with your baby’s best interest in mind. We have a variety of modern, sophisticated patterns, colors, and prints that today's parents want. We feature popular crib bedding popular such as nautical baby bedding, elephant baby bedding, and gender neutral baby bedding. Liz and Roo. Made in America, piece by piece, to ensure the quality your baby deserves!