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All White and Pink Linen 8-pc. Crib Bedding Set

Shop luxury pink and white ruffle crib bedding. Includes: Scalloped Crib Rail Cover, 4 oversized, pre-tied petal pink linen bows, a Crib Skirt with a Petal Pink Ruffle at the bottom, White Wicked Cool Crib Sheet, Plush Faux Fur Blanket. Sewn by hand and Made in USA.

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This 8-pc. set includes:

  • White woven scalloped crib rail cover with pink ruffles, 20″ x 51″
  • A set of four (4) pink linen bows, pre-tied and sewn so they do not come “undone” – with attachments on the back so that you can attach to the crib rail cover and crib
  • White Wicked-Cool crib sheet that provides both moisture control and cool softness for your baby
  • White Linen Crib Skirt with Petal Pink Ruffles and a with deck top and split corners, 19″ drop
  • Our #1 seller, the cream herringbone faux fur blanket featuring faux fur on both sides, 29″ x 40″ (not pictured)

Coordinating curtains and changing pad cover are also available in any fabric.

About Wicked Cool Sheets

The Wicked-Cool™ crib sheet provides both moisture control and cool-softness for your little sleeper. The Wicked Sheets crib sheet is the comfort sleep solution for babies who might be waking up from overheating or wet bedding due to sweating, dribbling, or drooling. Our goal is the same as yours, to provide your baby with a cool and dry, uninterrupted sleep so you both can get the rest you deserve.

Made of a silkweight poly-nylon blend, this advanced fabric works just like athletic apparel when it comes to moisture absorption and breathability. The Wicked-Cool™ crib sheets are quick drying, stay two to three degrees cooler to the touch, and are UV impenetrable (or heat blocking), which inhibits the absorption of heat from all light sources.

Especially safe for use with babies, Wicked Sheets are free of dyes, bleaching agents, and chemicals that can cause skin irritation. Our advanced fabrics are hypoallergenic and have been independently tested and certified as free of harmful substances by the international OEKO-TEX® Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology.



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