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Gift Bundle – “Bunny”

This 3-pc. gift bundle includes a faux fur Light Pink Plush Baby Blanket, a Jellycat London stuffed animal, “Blossom Bunny”, and a Jellycat hard board book called “The Magic Bunny”. We wrap, ship, and even write a handwritten note! Baby gift giving made easy!

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Your gift bundle is wrapped and ready to ship and includes:

  • A light pink plush faux fur baby blanket, Liz and Roo’s #1 seller in gifts, which is as soft as a bunny rabbit and measures approximately 30×40. This is baby’s go-to blanket and one that will last for years.
  • A Jellycat stuffed animal, Blossom Bunny, measuring 12 inches tall. Jellycat of London is everyone’s #1 stuffed animal! Jellycat London plush toys and stuffed animals are luxury toys for your children or grandchildren. Jellycat plush animals are the softest on the market and beg to be hugged and cuddled!
  • A Jellycat Book, The Magic Bunny, a 7×7 hard board book with a sweet story about how the magic bunny watches over the child every night and keeps him or her safe….then sleeps all day!
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