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Kentucky Derby Baby/Toddler Gift Box | 3-pc | Ready to Ship

Looking for something special that spells Kentucky Derby? This 3 – pc. box includes a beautifully illustrated book, “D is for Derby”, a pair of Itzy Ritzy chew toy sunglasses, and a Jellycat Stuffed Horse named “Clover”. We wrap and ship UPS FREE.

Buy The Kentucky Derby Baby/Toddler Gift Box | 3-pc | Ready to Ship

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This Kentucky Derby baby or toddler gift box includes:

  • Jellycat’s “Clover”, the fastest horse on the farm!  She’s a showstopper with her black mane and tail which compliment her tanned brown fur. Jellycat is THE softest stuffed animal you’ll ever own.
  • an Itzy Ritzy Sunglasses chew toy made of 100% pure silicone and BPA free
  • the book, “D is for Derby”, a Kentucky Derby Alphabet book, perfect to teach all about the history of Kentucky while learning their letters. This book has beautiful illustrations

We include a personal note at no charge. Cost of bundle includes packaging and Free Shipping UPS. 

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