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Pehr Bunny Hop Blanket

Our Bunny Hop Quilted Nursery Blanket is perfect in its simplicity.  Made of 100% cotton cambric exterior, with cotton fill and soft voile hem, this is the nursery blanket you’ll treasure forever. The finishing touch? The little French knot “tails” on the bunnies!

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5B847F7A-1666-4958-9C2F-B0D69E50EED7 Created with sketchtool.

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  •  Made of 100% cotton cambric exterior
  • Cotton fill and soft voile hem
  • French knot “tails” on the bunnies!
4FDCC21F-6D42-45FF-98F0-DB7FD8B83D50 Created with sketchtool. Talk To Liz And Roo

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