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Quilt Squares | Giraffes | Neutral

These PRE-CUT quilt squares make sewing a baby quilt easy! This Giraffe pack includes adorable cotton fabrics in gender neutral colors in 8″ pre-cut squares. Unfinished size is 48″x 24″ (perfect for a home sewing machine). See details below.

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These PRE-CUT quilt squares in a Giraffe theme include adorable cotton fabrics in gender neutral colors, all in 8″ pre-cut squares. This is an easy quilt for make for beginners and can be sewn on your home sewing machine. Arrange the squares anyway you want! We’ve shown one example. Includes:

  • 24 squares measuring 48″ x 24″ (unfinished)
  • 6 giraffes (taupe)
  • 6 mini dot (french gray)
  • 12 flax linen
  • Materials are 100% cotton and flax linen/rayon blend

Machine washable


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