Pearl Leopard Faux Fur Blanket
Liz and Roo

Faux Fur Blanket (Pearl Leopard) New! Introductory Offer!

This luxe throw (Pearl Leopard Faux Fur Blanket) is 60" x 45", perfect for one (or two) to snuggle under while watching a ball game or your favorite show. Throw one on the end of the bed, couch, or favorite chair. It's the favorite gift idea for adults, teens, grandparents and toddlers. Soft, luxurious, and mimicking real leopard fur, this blanket has faux fur on BOTH sides to keep you warm and cuddly. Compare to other major brands...many are backed in flannel or other materials. We can wrap and ship! 

AVAILABLE MID-SEPTEMBER. See introductory pricing! Available for purchase now, ships in September. Imported. Photos available soon.