It’s hard to believe that Fall is here, but we are so excited! Bring on leaves turning colors, sweater weather, and everything apple and pumpkin. To celebrate the arrival of this gorgeous season, we’ve put together a list of Autumn-themed crafts for you and your toddler. Crafts are great for developing their fine-motor skills and encouraging their imagination and creativity. Not to mention it is great quality time with your little ones!

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins

Finally, a good use for empty toilet paper rolls! With just a little tape to shape the roll into a pumpkin and some paint, your toddler can make their own pumpkin stamp! Once they’ve stamped the outline of the pumpkin they can fill it in free-hand and add stems. Feel free to have some gems, feathers, sequins, and whatever else on hand to jazz up their little pumpkin prints.

No-Carve Pumpkins

If your toddler likes the idea of adding some glam to their pumpkins, this craft will be perfect for them. Nix the carving tools and have your toddler paint faces (or whatever else!) on their pumpkins. We love the sequins and google eyes on these little ones!

You can also get abstract and try pour painting pumpkins. This blogger created a video to give some helpful tips on creating some unique pumpkin works of art. Check out those gorgeous bright colors!

Fall Cereal Tree

Your toddler may already like playing with his or her food, but they will truly love using cereal to decorate their own tree! This blogger used Fruit Loops for leaves in her craft tutorial, but there are plenty of cereals you can use to make a fun fall tree. Your toddler will have a blast using their favorite cereal in this craft!

Dixie Cup Squirrel

Squirrels are pretty adorable, and these dixie cup squirrels are no exception! While the furry squirrels are running around gathering fallen acorns this fall, your toddler can make their own squirrel using a dixie cup and a few more supplies. Be warned: these are too cute and your toddler may want to make more than one!

Leaf Rubbings

This craft includes a little science as well as resulting in a pretty leaf collage. Using tracing paper or parchment paper and a variety of drawing utensils, your toddler can get a closer look at the details of leaves. This blogger lists some great books that can teach kids about leaves and various things that happen in nature during Autumn. Crafting and learning…a perfect way to spend some time with your toddler!

Autumn Tree Painting with Cotton Balls

The beautiful colors of Fall leaves are definitely one of nature’s masterpieces. Using cotton balls held by clothespins, your toddler can capture the color-changing fall leaves in a masterpiece of their own. Not only does this craft not require you to clean paint brushes, but it gives your toddler a chance to learn about mixing colors to create various shades. Read here to make a list of what supplies you’ll need for this craft!

Paper Plate Apple Tree

Speaking of trees, apple picking is a huge part of the Fall season, so why not have your toddler create their own apple tree? This craft uses paper plates, paint and some pom-poms to make a simple, but cute, apple tree that looks good enough for picking! Check out this easy craft here.

Hand and Footprint Turkeys

Since the majority of the crafts we’ve shown you so far were relatively mess-free, here’s one that is guaranteed to tickle your toddler’s messy side. You will definitely need to assist them during certain steps to make sure they get clean prints, but this blogger offers some great advice for keeping this craft from ending up all over your floor (or anywhere else!). This is also a fun craft to keep and see how much they grow through the years.

Handprint Acorn Kitchen Towels

Here’s a craft that you will get plenty of use out of and cherish for years to come. Using fabric paint and a plain dishtowel, turn your toddler’s handprint into an adorable acorn! Add a cute saying and the year to keep as a memento for years to come.


Now that we’ve given you plenty of ideas to keep your little ones busy and encourage their creativity, it’s time to go enjoy the arrival of a beautiful season. Don’t forget to prepare for the start of chilly weather with Liz and Roo’s soft and cuddly blankets! Backed with luxurious faux fur, our blankets are perfect for combatting the cold days. Treat yourself to a cozy blanket of your own with our adult-size faux fur throws!

October 30, 2019 — Lauren McCurdy

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