Monogram Etiquette: Where Do The Letters Go?

Here are the monogram guidelines you want! A monogram personalizes your gift and makes it special. A monogram consists of a person's initials — usually a variation on the first, middle, and last name. Monogramming guidelines can be confusing but, for today’s modern monogram, there is no absolute "right" or "wrong" way to monogram. But, there are some traditional rules for monogramming. 

1. When selecting a font that has the middle letter enlarged, place the last name initial in the center. Then, the first name initial is placed on the left and the middle initial on the right in a smaller font. The name Anna Cooper Brook would be: ABC, in that order.

2.  When using a font that is all one size, use the initials in the first, middle and last order (what you'd think of as the regular order of the name).  So, Andrew Charles Bond in this case would simply be monogrammed in that order: ACB. We have found that these two methods of monograming are the most popular and widely requested in today’s marketplace. A monogrammed gift is a personal gift that says "this is special." Monogram a baby sham, a baby blanket, a euro sham, or a fun accent pillow and send a lasting gift that they'll love!

We offer monogramming on blankets, pillows and euro shams, plus great gifts like monogrammed bloomers and monogrammed boxes. A monogrammed blanket makes a perfect baby gift. There are so many things you can do with monogramming!

Custom monogrammed orders should take approximately one week to process.

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