Toddler Chore Charts — Things They Can Really Do! - Liz and Roo

Toddler Chore Charts — Things They Can Really Do!

Everyone knows that toddlers aren't easy. They've learned how to walk and how to communicate, and those are huge steps! Of course, you want to teach your toddler how to be responsible, and while you may think they are too young, think again!

Keep reading to get some helpful toddler chore chart ideas.


Giving everything a place

Teaching your toddler to find and have a place for all of their toys is a great idea. Not only does this ensure that they can keep a clean space, but it also teaches them organizational skills. Teaching your toddler these skills early on is highly beneficial and will give them the knowledge of keeping everything in its own place. When it is time for clean up, they can do it on their own!

Putting clothes away

When there are clothes scattered about in your child's room, you can show them how to pick them up and put them in their clothes hamper. This is a very undemanding task that they can do (and eventually make a habit of). It is very important that your toddler learns, at a young age, to clean up the spaces around them. You can make this activity fun for them by playing things like "laundry basketball". Engaging your toddler in a "fun task" is a winning strategy. You can also have them help you sort out laundry by color, that way you not only get help, but you will also help your toddler learn their colors.


Watering plants

When it comes to helping outside with chores and gardening, you can always use a helping hand! The simple task of pouring some water on each plant will be easy enough for a toddler as long as the watering can is not too heavy. This can also bring your child closer to nature and understand the world around them. While you're at it, you can also teach them about flowers and how they grow. You can buy them their own pint-sized watering can, too. They'll love putting on the rain boots to water the garden.


Making their bed

Teaching your toddler early on how to make their bed is a very smart decision. Even adults still have a hard time maintaining that habit, so it's important to teach your child how to make they bed everyday so they can continue through their life doing it. Making your bed is a simple yet important task that has many layers behind it, believe it or not. So, teach them young! This is a task for older toddlers.



Similar to the past section, when you have a categorized play area, clean up time can be so much easier. This can be done in many different ways, like putting legos in a bin or dolls in a basket. Essentially, this will help when it comes to your child having a specific toy they want to play with. They will know exactly where to go, or if they don't know what specific doll they want to play with, they can just go to their basket and pick what they want. After playtime is over, they can go right back to the designated basket and put the doll back with the others. 


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March 16, 2023 — Emma Swain
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