Care Instructions


When you receive your bedding, we recommend a light steamer to get the wrinkles out. This is largely all cotton material, and it will have some wrinkles! For our linen and linen blend fabrics, steaming is not necessary unless there are some large folds you'd like to steam out.

We recommend that our all cotton bedding - including rail covers and blankets - be washed separately or in a machine with no agitator using the delicate cycle, cold water, and mild detergent or Woolite.

Crib sheets can be washed in warm water. Because the fabric is cotton, minimal shrinkage is normal. Expect your crib skirt to shrink approximately 1/2 inch. After washing, be sure to remove items promptly. 

Rail Covers:  There is no need to wash until your baby can pull up to the rail cover. They look great right out of the box, and are clean and crisp looking, but do wash before teething. Wash in cold water, and dry on the "air" cycle (no heat cycle). The fill in your rail cover should not be exposed to heat when drying.

After washing, some minor "readjusting" of filling may need to be made on rail teething covers when removed from the washing machine. Flatten your rail cover and then tumble dry on air fluff cycle. Remove from dryer immediately.

We recommend dry cleaning for curtains and valances. 

Minky Blanket Care is the same as above. Do not iron minky. It is a faux fur and will regain its plush look if run through the "air fluff" or lowest (coolest) cycle of the dryer.  Use a steamer to get the wrinkles out of the cotton side of the blanket. Cotton is breathable and lovely, but it does come with wrinkles.