Sewing is a skill that never stops giving back. The number of things one can learn to sew to save money, ensure quality, create unique pieces that fit your vision, and add a personal touch to everyday items is unlimited. Chances are, you have a lot of leftover fabric from projects you’ve taken on and have no clue what to do with it. Well, we’ve found 5 easy sewing projects to use that spare fabric which will prove to be very useful in day-to-day life! After you’ve bought fabric from Liz and Roo and have some leftover scraps, try one or more of these fun and easy projects.

1. Srunchies

All you need is a little strip of fabric and some elastic to create cute scrunchies to keep the hair out of your way while you’re Mom-ing, working out, lounging around, or just wanting to sport a cute up-do. These would also make fun party favors for a little girl’s birthday party! Follow this simple tutorial here.

2. Swiffer Mop Refills

As wonderful as the invention of the Swiffer Mop has been, the cost of buying the cleaning pad refills can add up. That’s why you should sew your own! If you’re tired of the cost of refills or forgetting to buy them before you run out, try this project for reusable pads for your Swiffer. Using leftover fleece and some cotton fabric, you can sew reusable and washable cleaning pads that will save you some $$$ and trips to the convenience store. Check out the tutorial here.

3. Mixer Stand Bowl Cover

Standing mixers are such a wonderful tool for the kitchen, but those bowls sure do collect a lot of dust and debris in between uses. Instead of buying a plain plastic lid, why not sew a fun slipcover for your mixing bowl? All you need is some elastic and enough fabric to cover the top of your bowl (plus a little extra for seam allowance). Use a fun, colorful fabric or pick something modern and sophisticated. Or make several and switch them out based on how you’re feeling! Try this project here.

4. Bookmark

If you’re a mom-to-be, you probably picked up about 10 new books about pregnancy and parenting as soon as you saw that positive pregnancy test. Or maybe you’re just a bookworm and have about 4 different books on your side table. Either way, you will definitely need some bookmarks to mark your spot without damaging your pages. These are made with a strip of elastic to fit various size books and keep them from sliding out. Try this tutorial and get your reading game on!

5. Tic-Tac-Toe To-Go

In addition to being so darn cute, this on-the-go game you can make for your kids is SO easy (and you might even fancy playing a couple of games yourself). You can make this any size and with any number of squares to make for longer games. You can also choose what you use for game pieces which can be a fun decision your kids can make. In addition to some fabric, you’ll need a little felt, ribbon, and some velcro to close the pouch. Or you can do a button closure if you’d like. Try out this fun project here.


If you’re looking for fabric for your next sewing project, look no further! Liz and Roo's fabrics are perfect for all kinds of projects. When you have some leftover scraps, give one of the projects above a try. We hope we’ve inspired you to start creating!

August 12, 2019 — Lauren McCurdy

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