When it comes to designing your incoming child's nursery, it can be hard to come up with decor ideas. You can start by selecting the color scheme you want, and designs or themes for your crib bedding (find some super cute crib sheets, changing pad covers, and more on our website!). From there, you can build up. But there may be some empty spots in the corners of the room, or a really plain wall across from the crib. Here are some DIY ideas for your baby's nursery.


One of the best parts about art is how fluid it is. So many things can be used in this situation. One type of art you can hang on the walls are cute wall art decor from Etsy or Hobby Lobby. These come in all different types of shapes, sizes, colors, etc. This gives you a lot of creative freedom as well as allowing you to maintain a lower budget. At Target, you can also find really beautiful framed art (or frames in general) as well! For a more heartfelt and unique option, you can take art that any of your other children have made, frame it, and hang it up. 


For starters, there should be no blankets inside your baby's crib. However, having a fluffy blanket draped over a chair in the corner adds a touch or warmth to the room. This blanket can also be useful for the long nights that you may be spending in that room. Some great blankets can be found on our website!


Some people shy away from using wallpaper because it's "dated" or because it seems like too much of a commitment. However, these days it's very easy to find a minimalistic wallpaper that is also easy to apply and remove (peel and stick). You can check out our Wallpaper Ideas for Girl Nursery Pinterest board for some ideas! Some wallpapers can also consist of prints that you can stick onto your wall instead of covering and entire wall as well, in case there was any worry of doing too much.


Just like blankets, pillows should not go into a crib. However, they can be put on chairs or window seats and look super adorable. These pillows can also vary in size to add more depth to the room as well. At Liz and Roo, we sell various pillow shams. We monogram in-house, as well. Check them out!


When it comes to a mobile to hang above your baby's crib, you don't need to invest in the fanciest one. Most mobiles do the same type of job; they help develop on their focus and motor skills, as well as stimulate their brain. However choosing one that matches your nursery will be the cherry on top to creating the perfect environment for your new child. Also make sure it is safely out of reach from your baby as well as securely and safely hung up. 


For some more earthy tones, adding plants to a nursery is actually highly beneficial. To begin with, it evokes curiosity within your child. It also creates more oxygen to flow and removes toxins. Lastly, it also looks great to cover up an empty corner or add more depth to a room. You can never go wrong with a plant, right?


Putting a mirror in a room instantly makes everything look ten times better. It also makes every room look bigger and provides more sunlights. Mirrors are actually very good tools for baby's development because it encourages them to awaken their visual senses. As we all know, mirrors come in all different shapes and sizes, so when it comes to finding one that is best for your nursery, it won't be hard.

October 29, 2022 — Emma Swain

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