If selecting the perfect name for a child is difficult enough for one parent, finding a name you both love can feel almost impossible! With an infinite number of baby names available, the world’s array of language, culture and nations all contribute to the ever growing variety of baby names today. So where’s one to start when it comes to naming your little one?!

Traditional names always have – and always will (we believe) remain constant. Ever classic but always popular girls names include Olivia, Sofia, Amelia and Ava. For boys, Jack, Charlie, Harry, George and Oscar are currently at the height of fashion, and have repeatedly topped popular name lists for years.

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Classic names typically originate from those used in royal families or biblical figures. Their popularity may ebb and flow, but the classic names never fade. If you are looking for a name that isn’t based on the latest trend or Hollywood fashion, select from the list of the classics. These names carry a sophistication, elegance and timeless-ness that see them through the decades. 2015 has seen the resurgence of many classic baby names. Take a look at what was at the top of the list in the Victorian era. These names just always stay in style!

Top 5 Victorian-era Boy Names:

  1. John
  2. William
  3. James
  4. George
  5. Charles

Top 5 Victorian-era Girl Names:

  1. Mary
  2. Anna
  3. Emma
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Margaret

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Of course, family names are always a popular choice. Using your maiden name (to preserve and honor your family name) as the child’s first or middle name is a popular choice. Combining dad/grandfather names to form a first/middle name instead of the traditional “Jr.” or “III” is another popular choice. Simply doing some family research on ancestry.com or the family bible will generate a lot of baby name ideas.

But, if you are feeling more modern names might be on the horizon for your little one, try out some of these names “with an edge” such as Zuri and Zoe for girls and Jax and Zane for boys.

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