Baby showers are a time for celebrating the new life that’s just around the corner and the mama (and/or daddy!) that’s getting ready to bring that baby into the world. Gifts, conversation, and delicious food are at the core of every shower. Adding a few fun games into the mix is a great way to get the guests interacting and laughing together.

We’ve rounded up some great game ideas from some of our favorite bloggers for your convenience. Elevate the fun-level of your upcoming baby shower by adding some or all of these games into the mix.

Name That Poo Baby Shower Game

1) Name That Poo from Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom  |  If you can get past the gross factor, this chocolate-based game is twistedly delicious classic.

2) ABC Book for Baby from Cuppa Cocoa  |  Have fun and make an awesome, usable memento that baby will cherish for years to come.

3) Month-by-Month Onesies from I Heart Naptime  |  Get crafty with your shower guests, and create awesome photo-shoot-ready keepsakes at the same time.

4) Guess What’s in the Bag from Somewhat Simple  |  A fun and useful game where guests guess what baby-related item is in each bag based on the bag’s letter.

5) Build A Baby Face from Sarcasm 101  |  Mix and matches sections of the parents-to-be’s faces to create some hilarious predictions of what baby will look like.

6) Don’t Cross Your Legs from Catch My Party  |  Cross your legs and lose your clothespin to the person that caught you. The guest with the most clothespins by the end of the party wins.

7) Draw the Baby from Fun, Cheap, or Free  |  Test out the can’t-see-what-I’m-doing artistic abilities of your guests.

8) Celebrity Baby Name Game from We Heart Parties  |  Quiz shower party guests to see how many celebrity babies they can name.

9) Mom-to-Be Personality Quiz  |  Which parents’ traits does mom hope baby will have? Challenge guests to see if they can guess correctly.

10) The Price is Right Baby Shower Game  |  The current costs of baby necessities is always changing. See which of your guests are the most in the know!

Are there any other baby shower games that you love? Let us know about them!

February 09, 2017 — makespace

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