UPDATE July 2023:  We have now sold out of all fabrics and almost all of the inventory we purchased. We have several hundred miscellaneous crib sheets, mini crib sheets and changing pad covers with no photography. You can buy these in our boutique in Louisville, KY but we are in the process of donating these pieces to numerous agencies in need.

In June, 2021, Liz and Roo purchased all of Carousel Designs’ remaining inventory and fabric in several of the popular collections. While we do not have all of the prints nor all of the fabric, we do have over 5,000 new products available – so that you can order their beautiful, made in USA crib bedding designs! In the coming weeks and months, we will be organizing and uploading inventory on the website. In addition, we will be sewing – made in USA, of course – Carousel’s top bedding designs so that this amazing brand will be available to you on www.lizandroo.com and in our store in Norton Commons, Prospect, KY.

July 03, 2021 — Caroline Eager


Liesbeth Baldewijns said:

Dear, I found some (pictures and needed measurements) rocking chair pads of Carousel Designs online… but was not able to buy one of these pads, yet… Maybe you are able to help me?! Belgian greetings, Liesbeth Baldewijns

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