You've just had your first baby, and now you're cautious about everything. Making sure your baby is always safe is critical. Babies sleep up to 16 hours a day. So, to avoid any unsafe situations, follow these steps to ensure that your child's safety. 

To start, the #1 rule is "nothing in the crib but baby", meaning no pillows, no stuffed animals, no blankets in your baby's crib. If you want them to have a blanket for comfort, wait until they are over 12 months old (at this age, continue to avoid adding pillows). Having blankets in your baby's crib could possibly result in suffocation. Pillows, on the other hand, have multiple reasons as to why they should not be added to a crib. One reason is because they can be used as something to step on to have your child climb out of their crib. They can also suffocate due to a pillow. Make sure your crib is placed somewhere away from a window or any strawy cords, because if a baby gets ahold of a curtain cord or electrical cord, they could strangle themselves. 


Your baby's sleep position is a crucial factor in their safety. Just based on how they are sleeping could save their life and prevent SIDS. It is very important to make sure your newborn baby is never sleeping on their side or their stomach. This is because that position increases the risk of suffocation. Remember the rule: Place Baby on His/Her Back to Sleep.

If they tend to move around a bit during the night, just make sure you are monitoring them. With an empty crib, and a restless sleeper, you will not have to worry about their airflow being blocked, as nothing in the crib could get in their way while they move around. 

Something to also keep in mind is that you should always ensure that your baby is sleeping on a firm and flat surface. Remember, babies bodies are still developing a lot after their birth. The kind of mattress you buy is really important. Don't opt for the cheap version found at a big box store. Spend the money on a high quality mattress. Your baby is worth it.

We recommend the Newton Mattress, the only 100% breathable and washable crib mattress. "Better sleep for your baby. Peace of mind for you". And, it is Greenguard certified.


Also, make sure that your crib sheet fits the crib mattress perfectly to avoid slipping off the corners. This could act as another risk towards your baby and suffocation. Again, inexpensive sheets usually cut corners in manufacturing and their elastic begins to loose its elasticity after washing and risks riding up the corners of the mattress. So, just like the mattress, opt for a high quality, well made crib sheet. Liz and Roo crib sheets are made with a strong elastic band and 8" deep corners, so the crib sheet wraps around and well under the mattress. 


If you are ever worried about your child's temperature in their crib (because they can't use a blanket), you can always make sure they are wearing the correct attire that can keep them at a normal temperature throughout the night. One product that ensures temperature regulation and safety is the Kyte Baby Sleep Bag. It's the only sleep bag or sack that we endorse and carry at Liz and Roo. Take a look here:  Kyte Baby Sleep Bags. For details from Kyte Baby's website regarding their materials and safety, click here.

 For more information on Kyte Baby Sleep Bags, read our blog post 3 reasons to use a Kyte Baby Sleep Sack.



November 12, 2022 — Emma Swain

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