Fall is just around the corner. It's almost close enough that we can smell the pumpkin spice, right? The weather will be getting colder, and of course it is fun to have your kids play outside, but this means that it is easier to catch a cold. Jumping in the leaves and going to pumpkin patches is great fun, but some days are colder than others, and it is probably best to keep your little ones inside. While being inside, keep them busy by having them indulge in a fun craft. You can teach them these simple and cute crafts and use them as decoration to put around the house for years to come! Keep reading for cute crafts that will warm up your house and keep your kids busy on those chilly days. 



Coffee Filter Bats

What a title! In order to make a coffee filter look like a bat, start by finding some that are left over in your pantry or on your counter. Continue to follow the directions provided by Darcy and Brian. This adorable craft can be clipped to a string that is pinned or taped to the wall or window! These bats will be an adorable halloween decoration that you can easily store and continue to put up for years to come. 



 Spooky Slime

Now, I know a lot of parents have disapproved of slime since its huge gain in popularity in 2017. I get it, slime is very messy, sticky, and can easily get caught in your child's hair. Plus, the chemicals can be possibly harmful to smaller kids. So, for an easier preparation, you can prepare the slime. You can follow a simple slime recipe including borax, glue, and orange, black, purple, or green dye, on Google. Then, when it's time to involve your kids in the craft, provide them with small googly eyes and/or tiny plastic spiders that they can mix with the slime. To reduce the possibility of a mess, lay down a layer of Glad Press'n Seal Wrap on the table. Clean up time will go by so much quicker. 


Stick Puppets

This simple and fun craft only requires popsicle sticks, markers (or paint), glue, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. All you have to do is have your child color the popsicle stick with their desired color. Like the picture below, you can have them color it white to make a base for a mummy. Then, wrap the stick in white pipe cleaners, glue on some eyes and there you go! You can have your child copy the image we provided or let their creativity soar and have them make their own Halloween monster!


D.I.Y. Spiders

There are so many easy ways to put together a spider. Based off of these pictures below, it is pretty easy to understand what materials are needed for each craft. You can have fun with these crafts and it will provide your kids with a lot of creative freedom and give them the opportunity to add their own flair to it! All of the materials needed for these crafts can be found lying around the house or can be super inexpensive at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Target, or Amazon. 


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August 16, 2023 — Emma Swain

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