Gender neutral nursery design has taken hold, and we’ve watched its popularity soar. While gray was the popular color for nursery design in 2014, now a new color is rivaling gray. Taupe (tan, beige, natural) is the current sought-after color in nurseries, and the softer the palette, the better. It doesn’t matter if the child’s sex is girl or boy. It’s the perfect unisex color palette.

Like gray, taupe is a versatile palette and creates a calm tranquility in baby’s room. Likewise, neutral-colored baby bedding ensures a soothing sanctuary. An added dimension to nursery design is the choice of fabric. With the rise in popularity of rustic or restoration-type designs in crib furniture, linen has become a crib bedding favorite. Linen is timeless and simple. An added dimension to Liz and Roo’s Crib Linens collections is the use of washable linen, important for ease of care.


What do young parents-to-be love most about their choice of a gender neutral nursery? Most answer the ability to add color – any color – to their baby’s nursery – and the flexibility to change colors over time. Wall colors range from cream to gray to taupe and the introduction of a bright color as an accent, such as the coral in the bedding shown above, can add character to the nursery.

When buying crib bedding for your new baby’s nursery, remember to select your furniture first, then plan the walls, the accents, and the all important baby bedding around that. While cribs are versatile, there are good color matches and there are some “do nots” in matching crib bedding with crib colors. Dark gray baby bedding on a dark gray crib doesn’t provide enough contrast, for example. You don’t want to find the crib bedding of your dreams and the crib color of your dreams and find they don’t coordinate!


See how this beautiful white Ithaca crib from Natart Juvenile complements the Snowy Willow Crib Bedding from Liz and Roo. Selecting the right crib furniture for your baby bedding can make all the difference.

Snowy Willow Linens by Liz and RooKeep in mind, crib furniture can take months to deliver, so plan ahead when ordering.

If you are planning on a gender neutral (also called “unisex”) nursery, you’ve made a great choice! Be sure and check out all the great idea boards on Pinterest, and feel free to call on us for advice. You can email or call. Or, visit a local store that carries Liz and Roo to see the designs in person. You can find them on our Store Locator.

Happy Nursery Design!

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