Traveling with a baby can be a challenging experience, especially on long flights. Keeping your little one occupied and content during the journey is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for your family. Read more for effective strategies and activities to keep your baby busy and entertained on an airplane. 

1. Pack a Variety of Toys and Books

Bring a selection of toys and books to keep your baby or toddler engaged throughout the flight. Consider items that are lightweight, easy to handle, and make minimal noise. Interactive toys such as soft rattles, crinkly books, and teething toys can captivate your baby's attention and provide sensory stimulation.


2. Bring Snacks and Finger Foods

having a variety of snacks and fingers foods on hand can be a lifesaver during the flight. Pack small, mess-free snacks like dry cereal, puffs, or sliced fruit that your baby can easily consume. Not only will theses keep your. baby occupied, but they also serve as a distraction during takeoff and landing when the change in air pressure can cause discomfort. If they are still drinking a bottle, giving baby a bottle on take off and depending to landing really help with the air pressure in their ears!

3. Bring a Comfort Item

Familiarity can provide a sense of security for your baby in a new and potentially overwhelming environment. Bring their favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or pacifier to help soothe them and create a calming atmosphere. These items can be particularly useful during nap times or when they need comforting. 

4. Download Interactive Apps and Videos Before the Flight

While it's recommended to limit screen time for babies, a flight can be an exception. Download a few educational apps or video on a tablet or phone that your baby can interact with. Ensure the content is engaging, stimulating, and offers educational value. Remember to use headphones to avoid disturbing other passengers. 


5. Utilize Naptime Strategically

If your baby has a regular nap schedule, try to plan your flight round their naptime. A well-rested baby is generally more content and easier to manage during travel. Carry a lightweight blanket or travel pillow to provide comfort and create a cozy environment that is good for napping. 


May 22, 2023 — Emma Swain

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