Nautical baby bedding was the top seller in 2014 and continues in 2015. What is the obsession with nautical? There are lots of reasons. One, if you don’t know the sex of your baby, a nautical nursery is gender neutral. Second, navy is considered by many designers “the color of the year” for baby bedding, with some calling navy “the new neutral”.

Perhaps most importantly, you can accent a nautical nursery so many ways and take the design in so many different directions. Visit our Nautical Nursery Pinterest Board for ideas on nautical accessories, nautical colors, nautical baby bedding, lamps, rugs, and more. We love the anchors motif in this fabric by Liz and Roo, and in particular, the soft gray etching of sailboats in the background (which is almost imperceptible in the photograph). This fabric makes gorgeous curtains, too.

In addition, nautical accessories can make a bold statement in nursery design. Add small touches such as hand painted knobs on an old dresser that you’ve refurbished. You can’t believe the great finds at consignment shops and how easy it is to paint and dress up an old chest. We love these drawer knobs by Sweet Petites Boutique on Etsy.

Whale Knobs for Nautical Baby Bedding

Don’t know where to begin? We suggest you think of your favorite wall colors and choose your paint to first, then build your nursery design from there. Your baby’s nursery doesn’t have to match the rest of the home decor, so have fun with it! Big, bold stripes are popular, as are big letters on the wall with your baby’s name or initials. A nautical nursery is a design your child can grow with, so try and create a haven for your baby that will last through the pre-teen years.

Nautical Nursery Design ideas


Also check out our nautical baby bedding online here at Liz and Roo! 

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