Planning your baby’s nursery is one of the most pleasant and rewarding experiences during the pregnancy period. It can be quite frustrating, however, when you have to operate in a small space but in the same time wish to make the nursery the magical place you always pictured it to be. If this is your case, do not get discouraged! Sometimes limited choices are exactly what you need to get creative and work your parent magic. A few simple tricks can compensate for a tiny room by turning it into a warm and cozy baby nursery.

Start With the Basics

Before thinking about furnishing the nursery, you should consider the color of the walls. Regardless of whether you prefer paint or tapestry, keep in mind, using any intense color in a small-scale nursery will make it look even smaller. That’s not to say that bold colors won’t work! But, if you want to make the room look more spacious, use warm, light, eye-soothing paint colors. Neutral colors like eggshell, ecru, faded peach and creamy latte are suitable for both baby sexes and in the same time create the relaxing atmosphere of a cozy space.

Crib Selection – the Power of the Smart Purchase

Small rooms call for smart, rational decisions. Your baby’s crib will be one of your most important purchases. It should be an all-in-one solution for the limited small space that you have. Do not make the mistake of buying a large crib when your space cannot hold it. Consider an oval crib (Leander makes a beautiful line of oval cribs) for space saving and modern elegance. Look at other options, such as additional storage benefits like built-in drawers. Another decision is the changing table. Guess what – it is not essential! If you have a cushioned changing pad, you can put it anywhere to change your baby – on top of the dresser is the most popular spot.

Use the Walls, Not the Floor

designing a small nursery

You would be surprised how much space the walls can grant you by mounting shelves. Shelves are, in the same fashion, a brilliant way to save space and make room for diapers, lotions, creams and other basic necessities. Add a photo frame to the necessities or other accessories to enhance the space. (See photo on right).

On the right, this creative use of space also included using a closet for the “nursery” in a small apartment. The decorating was limited to the curtains and valance, but the space worked out beautifully. (Source:  Lovely Morning)

Emphasize the Crib Bedding

To offset the neutral color of the walls, you can incorporate bright bedding colors and patterns. For baby boy bedding, nautical crib bedding combined with a navy crib skirt and splashes of red accents will make a statement, while baby girl choices include accenting with purple, coral and pink bedding. Animal motifs are always a great alternative for both boys and girls. Elephant crib bedding has been a popular trend over the past few years and can liven up a small nursery. Plus, there are so many accessories you can find that coordinate with either the elephant or nautical nursery themes.  

When designing your nursery space, remember to have fun and try to be resourceful, because planning your baby’s nursery is the first step to anticipating your child’s needs and adjusting your mind to the new life regimen that is about to commence.

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