Finding just the right baby toys can be a little tricky. You want to provide both delight and brain-stimulating play for your little one, but you also want a toy that won’t irritate you by being too noisy or having too many little pieces. Here are our top picks for toys that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

1. B. LucKeys 

This toy will almost make your little one forget about wanting to play with mommy and daddy’s car keys. Made of safe stainless steel, they feel like real keys. They also have a light and make realistic engine, car lock and horn beeping noises.

2. Sassy Floor Mirror

This mirror is great to use during tummy time for your baby to explore their reflection. It can also attach to the crib, and features a cute ladybug and bee that your baby can touch and feel.

3. Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks

You’ll love watching your baby finally master the challenge of sorting all of these shapes into the proper holes. Cozy up to your little one while they’re playing with it and help them name the shapes.

4. Playskool Alphabet Blocks, 40-Piece

These classic wooden blocks are great for babies and toddlers alike. With 40 pieces, there’s enough blocks to build tall towers that your little one can’t resist knocking over. We love that these blocks have not only numbers and letters, but names and pictures of animals and other objects for your child to identify and learn.

5. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn® Smart Stages™ Tea Set

This adorable little tea set, with its many songs and sounds, will provide hours of entertainment for your baby. It’s another great toy that transitions well into toddlerhood.

6. Leapfrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

This picnic basket is not only great for pretend play, but also for learning colors, shapes and food names. We know 3 year olds who are still enjoying this toy as much as they did when they were 6 months old.

7. Little Tikes Tap-a-Tune® Drum

Both toddlers and babies will enjoy banging on this little drum. The good news is it isn’t too loud. It’s a great introduction into the world of music for your little one.

8. Baby Einstein Octoplush™ Plush Toy

A super cute and cuddly plush toy, this octopus is also highly educational. You can squeeze the toy to hear different melodies and also the names of colors in three languages.

9. LeapFrog Poppin’ Play Piano

Babies really like banging on this piano and seeing the colorful balls pop up suddenly. There’s several different modes that sound the colors, numbers and different songs when you press the keys.

10. Fisher Price Little People® Animal Friends Farm

You might remember this classic from your own childhood. We love all of the Little People toys because they’re the perfect size for little baby hands, and all the figurines are interchangeable with all of the different sets.

Liz and Roo

While we are a specialty baby bedding manufacturer/retailer, we love to keep moms and dads informed on all things baby. These toys would make great baby gifts for either a baby boy or baby girl.

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June 02, 2016 — makespace

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