The Knox is the first convertible seat to feature UPPAbaby’s SMARTSecure system including an indicator window that turns from red to green when the seat is correctly installed. With a focus on safety, the Multi-Directional Tether reduces injury potential by 45% when used in rear-facing mode. Energy Response Technology delivers unparalleled side impact protection from top to bottom with an eight-position Active Support Headrest, Side Impact Pods and an Impact Dispersion Zone of EPP foam throughout the seat. The KNOX is the first child restraint to feature innovative Koroyd technology integrated into the base designed to absorb the maximum amount of energy from an impact.

The Knox convertible carseat comes in four colors. Lucca Teal (shown below) plus Jordan Charcoal, Bryce White, and Jake Black.


  • SmartSecure System turns from red to green when the seat is correctly installed
  • Koroyd Technology integrated into the base creates an effective crumple zone protecting the child from impact forces
  • 8-position Active Support Headrest
  • Side Impact Pods for additional crash absorption
  • Multi Directional Tether for rear and forward-facing travel

For both die-hard UPPAbaby fans and for those of you will become one, you’re going to love the new KNOX car seat that is chock-full of all the safety and style features you can want in a car seat. The UPPAbaby team did an incredible amount of research and their KNOX does not fall short in any way.


At 23.8″ L x 18.8″ W x 27.4-32.5″ H the Knox Convertible Carseat can carry rear facing 14-45 lbs and forward facing 25-65 lbs. The Knox also has a head height of up to 49″.

Available online at Liz and Roo or in the store at 9412 Norton Commons Blvd., Prospect, Kentucky.

March 28, 2021 — Caroline Eager

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