Love is in the air, and it's time to spread that love through crafts to do with your children. This can be a great bonding activity that will also keep your kids engaged in doing crafts and boosting their creativity. You can also have homemade Valentine's Day decorations to keep the love alive in your home! Keep reading for some simple and fun crafts that you can do with your little ones!


Heart-Shaped Cards

This first craft is a classic and is made up by colorful construction paper, markers, stickers, crayons, and for an optional flair, doilies. Create these personalized Valentine's Day cards by cutting out heart shapes from colored paper and decorating them as much as your child can. You can even add google eyes, too!



Love Bug Cupcakes

Bake some yummy cupcakes with your children using their favorite cupcake mix from the store (for an easier process, if you want to go all out and make from scratch, go ahead!). Transform these yummy baked goods into cute love bugs by using colorful icing and googly eyes!


Handprint Art

Make a lasting memory by crafting handprint art. Dip your child's hand in washable paint and create heart-shaped prints on paper or canvas. You can spice this up by cutting out the handprint and taping it up on the walls or using magnets to put them on the fridge. If you have multiple children, try cutting all of the handprints out once they are decorated. Then, find some small clips and clip them to a long piece of string that can be hung up on a window or doorway. 


Paper Plate Love Birds

Use some paper plates to craft adorable love birds! Start by cutting one paper plate in half. Use both halves for each bird. Then, paint them each fun colors and attack googly eyes, stickers, or use markers and crayons to draw on them. Then add some feathers for their wings. Then you're done!


Love Bracelets

To make cute love bracelets for all of your favorite friends and family members, strong colorful beads from a craft store onto an elastic thread. Consider incorporating heart-shaped beads for a festive touch! You can also get beads with letters on them to spell out names or words like "love you."


Crayon Hearts

Repurpose broken crayons by melting them into heart-shaped molds. Once they cool, you'll have unique and colorful crayon hearts. These can be mixed with different colors, making cool tie dye or ombre effects. What do you do with them? One thing you can do is put them in clear jars or bowls as cute decorations!


Heart Garland

For this craft, get colored construction paper and fold in half. Then, outline one side of a heart on the folding end. Then, cut around the heart tracing and you have a heart. Now, decorate the hearts using any craft materials around the house. String them together, and make cute heart garland!

January 22, 2024 — Emma Swain

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