Crib Rail Covers

Bumperless Baby Bedding, which features a crib rail cover, is the safe alternative to bumpers!

A must-have for a convertible crib are crib rail covers to protect against baby ingesting wood when teething, and to protect the crib so you won't have teething marks! Liz and Roo manufactures crib rail covers to coordinate with all our crib bedding. They serve a valuable function while adding a beautiful finishing touch to the crib bedding set. Crib rail covers are 18" when laying flat (9" folded). The American Society of Pediatrics recommends "bare is best" and our crib rail covers are a safe, secure way to not only protect the wood, but to finish the beautiful "look" of your unique baby bedding. 

Complete your nursery with a made in USA crib rail guard. We also carry solid white weave crib rail protectors with navy, hot pink, blush pink and gray cording.

You can also monogram bedding and a crib rail guard to create a customized nursery. Call or email and let us help you create your own unique baby bedding! 

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