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Why is UPPAbaby so special?

UPPAbaby strives to make products that are all safe and easy to use but still maintain a classy look. They use top of the line fabrics that are mostly machine washable, because they are well aware of the struggle that is cleaning as a new parent. They offer multiple colors of their products to create more opportunities for you to personalize your stroller and have it fit what you want for your family. 

UPPAbaby's strollers feature an aluminum frame that is extra durable, and have wheels made of puncture resistant material, meaning you won't have to worry about pushing the stroller with a flat tire on your walks. The all-wheel suspension system on their strollers ensures a smooth ride for you and your little ones, making adventurous days easier than ever before! They put extra care in designing products that will keep your family efficient and safe, and it shows in their results. 

UPPAbaby Vista V2

It doesn't matter whether it is the larger VISTA V2 and CRUZ V2 strollers or their smaller diaper bag changing backpacks, the care that UPPAbaby puts into the design is obvious. Visually, their products are all made with clean lines and smooth fabrics, ensuring that no textures will upset your little one when their curiosity wins and they just want to explore and feel everything around them. Practically, UPPAbaby has done their best to make sure that parts can snap in and out without a fuss in an attempt to unburden some stress from you. 

Customers sometimes question the price of UPPAbaby's products- but trust us, the quality of product that you are receiving aligns with the tag. Between the care-filled design process and the top of the line materials, UPPAbaby makes sure you get your money's worth. 

But, if you don't believe us, listen to Erin Nicole Davis from The Curious Creature, who said, "Many parents question whether the UPPAbaby stroller is actually worth it — to this, my answer is always YES times a million… This is the Rolls-Royce of strollers — truly made to last a lifetime." 

Come on down and try it out for yourself! Shop all UPPAbaby products from Liz and Roo here. You can also add UPPAbaby products to your BabyList registry and link them to Liz and Roo, since we sell online. 

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