Congratulations! You now have your little one (or ones!) in your arms! You made it through pregnancy and now it is time to show off your little bundle of joy to the world. Newspapers have been announcing births since the 1700s, but now people send customized cards featuring their newborn. There are so many different kinds of birth announcements that it can seem overwhelming. To shortcut the process, we’ve put together a list of our favorite birth announcements.

First Things First: What goes on the Birth Announcement?

  1. Parents’ Names – Be proud! You brought this wonderful baby into the world.
  2. Your Baby’s Name – You spent so much time picking out the perfect name for your baby, time to share it with the world! (P.S. have you read our blog on baby names for 2019??)
  3. Date of Birth – Let everyone know when your little one joined your family (and when to send gifts every year)
  4. Gender – If you’ve chosen a gender neutral name (which is very popular these days) make it clear whether you are welcoming a baby girl or baby boy.
  5. Weight and Length – Not required but commonly included.

Our favorite designs

How cute are these tiny graphics?? Try something similar for a new and fun way to share the typical birth details!

“Meet Sam” has the added bonus of being a magnet, so your loved ones can keep it on their fridge. And, is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby? Announcements featuring a picture of your newborn snoozing is surely going to earn you some Awwwwww!‘s. (Having trouble getting those z’s? Try tucking them into some of our monogrammed baby bedding. Talk about a photo op!)



We’re loving this sweet floral frame on this announcement from Tiny Prints.


The mixed fonts and simplicity of this on this announcement caught our eye.


If you’re lucky enough to give birth around a holiday, you have the option to make use of a festive theme. Best Valentine’s Day gift ever!


The font and design of this announcement is casual but clever. Also, notice how the green blanket brings out his eyes. When getting photos of your baby, make sure you highlight their adorable and unique features!


Having trouble deciding on your favorite photo? Choose a card design that allows for multiple photos. Your baby is just TOO cute to only share one photo.


Here is another unique way to show the baby’s weight, height, and birth date details! This one is definitely more informal and might be a good option for those sharing a post about their baby’s arrival on social media.

We love the addition of siblings to the birth announcement! They are probably pretty excited to be a big brother or sister, so why not capture their happiness and share it? After all, anyone with a younger sibling can attest to the fact that the excitement starts to fade when the baby is able to get into their things…


Lastly, if you are a “punny” person, take a shot at a play on words for your birth announcement! How adorable is this one?


Check out our Pinterest Board for more Birth Announcement inspiration!

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