Naming your baby can be one of the hardest (and most exciting!) decisions you will make before the baby is born. After all, their name is something they will carry with them for their entire life! Many factors go into deciding what to name your baby, so we have done some research and put together a list of some of the most popular baby names and trends for 2019!

A few things to consider…

Trends for baby naming come and go. Old fashioned names can come back into style, celebrity names can influence a generation of soon-to-be-parents, and a certain letter can become popular. But there are a few factors that remain constant throughout the years.

The first (and most obvious) factor to take into account when picking out names is gender. Over the past couple of years gender-neutral names have become extremely popular (and so have gender-neutral nurseries! Check out some gender-neutral bedding here!). But traditional female and male names are still going strong! Why are certain names traditionally reserved for boys or girls? A study by Columbia Business school found that names you associate with male or female came about because of the way they sound. Names that sound “hard” are ones that vibrate the vocal chords and are typically given to males such as the names Mark, George, and Christopher. Names that sound “soft” and do not vibrate the vocal chords come across as breathier and are given to females, like Sarah, Allison, and Heather.

Surnames also play a role in choosing first and middle names for your baby. Some people prefer that the first name does not start with the same letter as their child’s surname to avoid alliteration, others find it makes the name stronger. If you have a culturally-influenced surname, it might seem odd to have a first name that comes from a different culture as they might clash. The order of the initials and how they look written out is also something to pay attention to!

Lastly, how does the full name sound together? Does it have a nice flow? To make sure your baby’s name has a good flow, consider these points:

  1. Don’t overlook the first and last name flow (names should coordinate, not compete)
  2. Alternate syllable counts (1st name: 2 syllables, 2nd name: 1 syllable, 3rd name: 3 syllables)
  3. Avoid repetitious sounds (names have similar sounds: Josephine Maxine)
  4. Pay attention to syllable stress (what syllable is stressed in each name)
  5. Avoid vowel run-on (Ava Angela sounds like “Avangela”)

Read more about creating good name flow here!

With these ideas in mind, take a look at some of the popular names and trends for 2019!

New York Inspired Baby Names

Looking for a name that is glamorous and classic? Check out these NYC inspired baby names that we are absolutely loving! Can’t you just imagine walking baby Ellis through Central Park?

NYC- Inspired Baby Names

Southern Baby Names

Sweet and old-fashioned, these classic southern names are perfect for your baby. We especially love the double-names that just roll off the tongue like Sara Beth, Jesse Lee, and Mary Elizabeth! Enjoy some sweet iced tea while rocking your baby Nora.

Timeless Southern Names


Double-Barreled Baby Names for Boys & Girls

A+ Baby Names

Names that begin with the letter A seem to be on trend this year. How adorable are the names Arlo, Arden, and Asher?

Names that Begin with A

Boho Baby Names

Boho Baby Names

Wanting to find a name that’s a little off the beaten path and avoid the trends? We’ve found some names that are perfect for parents looking for something a little more unique. Ezra, Harlow, Jude, and Gemma are our favorites!

January 30, 2019 — ceager

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