Why is made in USA baby bedding better? That is a question that you might not think about all of the time. But, when the time comes that you have to start looking for baby bedding, knowing what type of materials you are investing in is very important. There are multiple reasons for why buying baby bedding that is made in the USA is a great choice. By doing this, you create a sustainable supply chain, keep a low carbon footprint, support local businesses, and enhance American agriculture. There are also many other less talked-about benefits too. Regardless of your reasons for doing so, when you purchase luxury American-made cotton linens, you’ll have confidence knowing you’re making a positive impact on many different people and industries. Even here at Liz and Roo, all of our bedding (crib rails, changing pad covers, crib rail covers, etc.) are made exclusively in the USA. Our crib bedding pieces are sewn one-by-one by skilled professionals and we have hands-on involvement at every step of the manufacturing process, enhancing the quality of our products. Are you still curious? Read these top 3 reasons on why made in the USA bedding is a better option to get your answer!

Taupe Giraffe with Buffalo Check Bedding Set
  1. By selecting American-made baby bedding, you not only receive impeccable quality and customer care, you also play a huge part in supporting American agriculture and American manufacturing. Your purchase will be supporting small businesses just like us at Liz and Roo! Your decision to buy American-made baby bedding is a small choice that will benefit many things. With these materials used, you will get high quality baby bedding that will last you for generations to come. We take pride in our efforts to create natural cotton bedding that is manufactured entirely in the USA. We make it simple and easy to find high-quality products that you can feel good about buying. When you purchase bedding from Liz and Roo or other local businesses, you’ll know that you’re positively impacting more than just your own home —you’re impacting our nation!
  2. When buying bedding for your child, you want something that ensures your child’s safety. We recommend that you are choosing 100% natural fibers such as cotton. Just like with food, organics are your best bet for non-toxic bed linen. Cotton bedding is also free of harmful chemicals, making it a automatic choice for your baby bedding. Having the comfort of know that your baby’s bedding won’t harm them is something that many parents are thankful for. Plus, for the best quality sleep, this is especially important for pregnant mothers, babies, and children! When you choose natural and organic bedding you’re also making a safer choice for the environment…a win-win for everyone’s health!
  3. Durability is one of the most important factors of bedding…but especially in baby bedding. Changing your baby’s bedding is a routine as a parent, so finding bedding that can withstand the constant cleaning can be difficult. As long as you wash your made in USA cotton bedding properly, it will be in great condition after constant washes. To properly care for your bedding, you can wash in cold or warm water, then put in the dryer on low heat. Cotton does shrink, so cool air/low heat is recommended. Our cotton sheets here at Liz and Roo are guaranteed to last through hundreds of washes. Plus, the sheets won’t tear or rip in the corners after washing, and our elastic remains as tight as the day you purchased the sheets. We buy high-quality fabrics and spend the time needed to design products that last.

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