Phew! Your little one is finally dressed. However, you may be going to a nicer event, or their outfit may be missing something. Even the smallest accessory can make a huge difference on sprucing up your child’s outfit. Most items (bowties, barrettes, etc.) can be added to an outfit without being a distraction for your child, as long as it’s not in their way or uncomfortable. Continue reading for some ideas to add an extra touch to your baby’s outfits. 

Bow Ties

Adding a cute and small bow tie to your little one’s outfit is simple and adorable. Bow ties are safe for babies to wear, as long as they are easy to remove for naps and eating so they’re not in the way. You can find many different colors and sizes from various websites such as Etsy and Target. What is great about bow ties is that removing them is quite easy and quick so your baby is unlikely to get fussy!


One accessory that is almost essential for people of all ages is a good hat. As we all know, hats come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Finding one for your baby can be very easy and fun, as you can try out what they like and feel comfortable in. On a cold day, you can put a soft beanie on their head to keep them nice and warm. If it’s a hot day at the beach or baseball game, you can put on a heat protectant hat that shades all around their face to ensure they don’t get burnt!


One of the most popular baby accessories are bows. You could have your child in any outfit whether it’s a dress or loungewear, and adding a bow will make it look ten times cuter! Just like the other accessories listed, hair bows come in many different shapes and sizes. This is perfect, because you can find bows that your baby is comfortable with and try out different options. 


Another popular accessory (among all ages) is a headband. There are many benefits to adding a headband to an outfit. Headbands help keep your baby's hair in place, especially when it’s hot out. There are also many headbands that can coordinate with a dress or an outfit for an added flair! However, when putting a headband on your little one, make sure it is not too tight or it can be bad for their blood circulation.


For an extra heat protectant, adding sunglasses not only preserves your baby’s skin but can add some flair to an outfit. With sunglasses, you can find so many different sizes that will fit best with your child and make them the most comfortable. You don’t want the sunglasses to be something that your child will refuse to wear, so make sure they feel ok wearing them. A helpful tip is finding ones with their favorite TV, movie, or book characters on them!


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July 12, 2022 — Emma Swain

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