Finally, your child’s room is clean and organized! That is, until one day later and you can barely see the floor. This can be super difficult, as finding ways to keep their rooms organized is a huge challenge. You can’t blame them for playing with their toys and staying busy. However, there is always some sort of mess to clean up. By reading the tips below, you can find ways to keep your toddler’s room organized so you don’t have to find yourself constantly cleaning up their room. 

Storage Bins

You can find cheap storage bins just about anywhere that are perfect for organizing. Whether they are small boxes to hold their Barbie doll clothes or toy cars, or large bins to hold their legos. Once you find these inexpensive bins, you can also teach your child to put away their toys. Simply putting their toys into bins is an easy task for them to get used to. Make it even more fun for them by encouraging them to make their own set up of organization, that way they can have their own structure that they designed. This will allow them to feel more in control of their space!


Listening to music while cleaning the kitchen or straightening up the family room always seems to make it go faster, right? Well, encouraging your child to clean up their mess to a clean up song or any song in general is very beneficial. This will allow for a fun and enjoyable time when they are done playing with their toys. They can even teach their friends so when they have playdates, they can still have fun even when they are tidying up. 

Utilize Space

Making every square inch of your child’s room count is important. You can find a space for their belongings just about anywhere. A great place to store their toys or accessible belongings, other than a closet, is under their bed. You can find thin and wide storage bins that slide in and out from under their bed at Target, Walmart, or Amazon. These bins, like many others, are very inexpensive. They can also hold many things other than toys like clothing!

Creative Storage Spaces

It may seem like all available space in your child’s room is gone. Their closet is full of bins and there are already containers under their bed containing their belongings. Well, a fun solution is using empty spaces like a doll house. You can find small containers that fit easily in a doll house to hold some of your child’s toys. This can actually make playtime even more fun, as extra toys and belongings can become part of their doll’s life! This will also encourage them to keep their space clean, because no child wants their doll house to be messy!

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July 12, 2022 — Emma Swain

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