What better way to get excited for the final weeks of pregnancy than your baby shower? Your baby shower is a special time to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little one,  and to celebrate you as a new mom! Opening baby gifts just adds to the growing excitement of meeting your baby. Although preparing for a baby can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first, this is a time to stop and focus on the fun times you’ve had while preparing for your child (designing the nursery, picking out clothes, picking out names, etc.). Liz and Roo’s Baby Shower Basics is designed for you to keep in mind when planning your shower. We’ve included 5 baby shower themes we absolutely adore. We want to help spark your imagination and make the baby shower planning process easy and enjoyable!

Baby Shower Basics

When you found out you were pregnant, you probably went straight into planning mode. Registering for your baby is part of the planning process and allows your future shower-attendees to know what you need/want. Make sure you register for basic necessities that gender doesn’t necessarily affect (bottles, pacifiers, furniture, strollers, books, etc.). Once you find out the gender, you and those purchasing gifts for the baby can pick out the gender-specific items you want. Your registry should be a nice mixture of price ranges so that everyone feels like they can contribute. There are many registries, from online at Buy Buy Baby to the top rated Babylist.com. Some register on more than one list.

Most baby showers take place 4-6 weeks before the due date and are given by a relative or a close friend. If you’re hosting a baby shower, be sure to book a venue for the shower at least 2 months in advance; the same timeline goes for catering! If some of the invitees are from out of town and find they cannot make it, offer them the opportunity to send gifts beforehand so that they can be opened during the shower. Baby shower food is traditionally simple and easy, but we have also seen some really elaborate displays on Etsy.

Baby showers don’t have to have a true “theme” (like a “Garden Party” or “Elephants”), but you want your decor to have an obvious aesthetic. We’ve listed a few ideas we think are simple, sophisticated, and charming.

Glam Woodland: Green and Gold

Flowers and gardens are a traditional motif for baby showers, but if you’re having a boy (or prefer a more minimalist aesthetic) then nix the flowers and focus on simple greenery! Ferns, pothos, vines, wreaths, and other simple indoor plants are the perfect way to bring nature to your baby shower without the intense colors of traditional flowers. Add touches of gold for a pop of glam that will stand out against the plants.

How precious are the vines they used for the balloon strings? We also love the small pop of pink of the cake flowers.

This hostess gave her guests mini succulents as party favors with a card that says “Watch Me Grow”. How sweet… and boho chic.

This hostess created an elegant and delightfully playful woodland theme.

The white flowers added a feminine touch while keeping with a more woodsy theme, right down to the napkin rings and menu on brown kraft paper.

This hostess offerd a trail mix bar for her guests as well as a sit-down meal. How about those cute s’mores on a stick? The little black signs are offered by many sellers on Etsy.

Checkout more from the above showers here and here!

Brunch Baby Shower

Everyone loves a good brunch spread. So set up a “Mom-osa Bar” and let the baby shower begin! Quiches, tarts, fruit, and pastries will be easy for your guests to enjoy while they socialize and partake in any games or activities. Offering stations where guests can make their own dishes (a yogurt bar, mimosa bar, etc.) ensures that everyone can cater to their own tastes.

You can offer some pre-made options such as these adorable pancake skewers, below. Try this with waffles, fruit, or even a more savory option like these caprese salad skewers.

Donuts are always a crowd pleaser and an easy thing to have catered for a party. Display them in a fun way, like on a tiered dessert stand or a donut board, to add a sophisticated element to simple food. Check out how to make your own donut board here.

Don’t forget the “Mom-mosa bar”! Give your guests several choices of juice, bubbly (sparkling wine, sparkling water, or clear soda), and tasty additions (frozen or fresh fruit). After all, what is brunch without mimosas?

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower

Nothing is more precious than a sleeping baby, so why not gather inspiration from this classic lullaby for your baby shower? This theme can be for a baby boy or girl…just incorporate lots of stars and moons! Decorating with tulle, fairy lights, and sparkles will create a cozy night sky feeling to your party. Have guests contribute their favorite children’s book and sign the inside to start your little one’s book collection; this doubles as a guest book as well.

Check out these cute marshmallow pops!

You certainly do not have to be as extravagant as the shower below, but we love the incorporation of pinks and purples to accomplish this baby shower theme for a girl. And those shiny gold balloons are just gorgeous!

Etsy is one of our favorite places to find personalized invites, gifts, and decorations. Check out these candles that make perfect favors for your guests.


Spa Baby Shower

It’s safe to assume that in the last trimester, you’re in serious need of some pampering and relaxation. So why not use your baby shower as a time to relax and enjoy some me-time? DIY face masks, foot baths, and aromatherapy will create a relaxing time for you and the guests as you celebrate the upcoming arrival of your baby! For take-home gifts, spring for bath bombs, nail polish, body scrubs, and lotions. We found this fair trade organization that helps women entrepreneurs and artisans from around the world reach a broader audience to generate a sustainable and life-changing income. They have everything from soaps to salts to bath bombs, and each product has a note about where the product is made and the women who are creating it. The bathing salts below are made from young at-risk mothers who work for Bright Endeavors in the US.

Other than foot soaks, create a station where your guests can use a scrub on their hands and paint their nails. You can make your own sugar scrub and package it for your guests to take home with them. Or, you can set up a station where guests get to add their own scents to their scrub and personalize it. How fun!

Hydration is a huge key to healthy-looking skin, so set up a hydration bar for your guests. Chop up lemon, limes, cucumbers, and any other fruits you like to flavor your water. Finger sandwiches, macaroons, and chocolate-dipped fruits will make the perfect spread for your spa day baby shower. Check out this pin with 55 ideas for delicious bite-sized treats for your party guests!


Keeping with the theme of relaxation, send guests home with a little wine cooler to open on the day your baby arrives. That way, everyone can toast your bundle of joy on the big day.

Baby-Q Baby Shower

Baby showers are traditionally women only, but inviting the boys along to celebrate is more and more common. It’s called a “Baby-Q“. If you’re from the South, you probably love barbeque. This is a fun idea especially if you’re due when the weather is pleasant outside. BBQ, games, and great company is a casual way to include the guys and kids (if you want). Find a great BBQ spot to cater, or grill at the home of the host/hostess. It’s okay to ask close friends to bring a side dish, appetizer, or dessert to contribute to the feast. This option is definitely more relaxed!

This Etsy shop, Coral Balloon  has the most adorable decorations and signs for your Baby-Q. Premade decorations that require simple setup can be a huge time-saver if you don’t want to

Co-ed showers can be a lot of fun and allow you to celebrate with the men in your life. And they will be thrilled with the promise of beer! Check out these cute plastic cups you can personalize for the event.

This site has lots of gifts you can personalize for your guests to use during the Baby-Q and take home with them. Mason jars are the ultimate Southern drinking glass!

Don’t forget to have some fun at your Baby-Q! Give your guests some options for games while they’re outdoors enjoying the food. Cornhole is an easy and classic backyard game everyone can enjoy. We also love this idea: everyone takes 3 clothespins upon arrival. Whoever hears you say the word “baby” gets to take one of your clothespins. The person with the most pins at the end of the night wins a prize.


We hope this blog gave you some inspiration to start planning your baby shower. No matter how you choose to celebrate the last weeks of pregnancy, make sure to enjoy it. Pregnancy, although hard, is an exciting time and gathering those closest to you to celebrate should be a special event. Enjoy the gifts, food, and company of your loved ones as you await the arrival of your little one! And, when it is time to start planning the nursery, Liz and Roo is the luxury choice in sewn by hand, made in USA crib bedding, curtains, pillows, blankets, and decor.

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