It’s time to celebrate your little boy’s birthday in a fun and memorable way! Here are 5 party themes that deviate from the traditional party ideas. We’ve given you ideas for food, decorations, and activities too! We know the time and effort that can go into planning parties, so check out the ideas below and let us help spark your imagination.

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Outer Space Birthday Party

We know you want to throw a party for your son that is out of this world, and an outer space theme is a perfect way to do it! There are infinite ways to use planets, astronauts, and everything galaxy to design a fun party for your son and guests.

If you don’t feel like creating space treats from scratch, just get creative with naming your food and treats! You can turn a sour peach ring into a Saturn ring and rock candy into meteorites.

Goodie bags can include space themed treats and gifts for all of your space travelers (guests)! If they’re older you can include things like planet shaped erasers and pens, NASA stickers, and little books about space.

Don’t forget the galactic decorations! You can find space-themed decorations pretty easily (try websites and stores that teachers go to get classroom supplies: science teachers need space things too), or you can make your own for a fun project. Check out these fun planet lanterns made from storebought paper lanterns and cardboard.

Race Car Birthday Party

Start your engines! What little boy doesn’t love pretending to speed down the track with his toy cars (sound effects ALWAYS included)? Cars, checkered prints, and plenty of finish line prizes are what you need to throw your little boy an engine-revving party.

Race Car Party Decorations from Etsy

Your guests won’t run out of gas at this party as long as you keep them fueled up. How precious are these stoplight Rice Krispy Treats?

Don’t let your guests forget to take their finish line photo with the birthday boy!

Have the party guests color their own race car and create a ramp they can race them down! Or if you want to get the kids a little more active you can have them do foot races in racing lanes you set up in the yard.

Camping Birthday Party

S’mores, tents, and bears, Oh My! Bring the wilderness to your home with a camping themed party for your little outdoorsman. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love S’mores?

Back to the s’mores (because they are important). If S’mores are too messy, or too difficult for younger children to make, there are plenty of ways to recreate that classic S’mores flavor. We love this take: marshmallows dipped in chocolate and rolled in graham crackers. You can also try using spreadable marshmallow cream instead of roasting marshmallows to make them gooey.

Put a spin on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game and have blindfolded party guests try to stick their axe on the bullseye.

Try having guests create their own bag of trail mix as a party favor. We also LOVE these raw wood colored pencils!

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Where the Wild Things Are Birthday Party

Plan your little man’s “wild rumpus” with a party inspired by the children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are”. This is a classic addition to your child’s book collection and has also proven to be great inspiration for a fun birthday party.

How precious are these little fur tails? Use them as party favors for the little ones so they can let their wild side loose!

Use quotes from the book around the party to bring the story to life. There are plenty of scenes in this book to recreate for your party.

We love the idea of having guests sign a copy of the book. It will be a nice memento and one they might be able to pass onto their own children someday! It is both sentimental and functional.

Dinosaur Birthday Party

A dinosaur birthday party for your little boy will be a blast (from the past)! We love the adorable ideas for a prehistoric birthday party that we found. There are endless options for making decorations, party food, and games.

Be sure to serve up plenty of tasty treats so no one turns into a grump-a-saurus! Aside from store-bought dinosaur gummies and chicken nuggets, there are plenty of creative snack ideas for your party-saurs. We especially love these dino-shaped sandwiches and Pterodactyl punch.

And don’t forget to have options for your herbivores….

Keep your guests busy on a dinosaur egg hunt! Or, if you want to go above and beyond, create a sandbox to hide the eggs in to create your own archaeological dig activity.

Don’t forget to send your guests home with their own bag filled with prehistoric treats. We love these party bags from Etsy.

We hope we’ve given you some awesome ideas to celebrate your sweet little boy’s birthday! Check out Liz and Roo’s pinterest board for more birthday party inspiration and dozens of other ideas.

Download our free Birthday Party Checklist to start planning the perfect party for your little boy!

May 30, 2019 — Lauren McCurdy

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