Tis the Christmas season! One of the most well known aspects of the holiday season is how early it gets dark out. This can evoke a sense of cabin fever not only to parents but kids, too. A great way to kill time around dinner or right before bed is to a read a great book to your little one. A simple act of picking out a Christmas book to read will cause for a great tradition as well as a comforting reminder of their young lives. It is also important to read to your babies and toddlers because it will motivate them to learn about the messages behind these stories and understand how to read better. For some great book recommendations, keep reading!

The Snowy Day

This story by Ezra Jack Keats is a classic among the generations of current-day parents. Most people have read this in their early elementary school years, making it a beloved story. Although this book is not centered around Christmas specifically, it takes place during the first snowfall of the season. It follows a child's adventures in the snow and introduces important concepts for your little one's development. 


How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

The beloved Dr. Suess book is a tale that all families know too well. This story is great for babies and toddlers due to the fun and creative language which will enhance their language development. You can also use this book for read-aloud sessions. The illustrations are also visually stimulating and playful!


The Polar Express

Another classic, this book bye Chris Van Allsburg conveys themes of belief, courage, and the spirit of Christmas. It offers amazing and valuable lessons that are easy to understand for young readers or listeners. Of course, this book is also beautiful to look at with its pretty illustrations. Follow up this reading session with a viewing of the movie too, I'm sure you'll find it as you go through the cable channels!


My First Christmas Board Book

This visually appealing book is perfect for engagement with your toddlers. You can ask them to point out the Christmas items and name them and/or even spell them out. Ask your toddler to tell you the colors of the items as well.


The Snowman

This adorable picture book by Raymond Briggs is a tale of an adorable snowman who comes to life. It is a story about friendship and loss. This story has a cute snowman character that your toddler or baby will fall in love with. This book can also encourage your toddler to go out and make a snowman of their own, too!


Pete the Cat Saves Christmas 

The beloved Pete the Cat series by Eric Litwin is loved by children across the nation. The funny character, Pete, is enjoyable for all kids, no matter what the age. This story in particular has Pete taking over for Santa on Christmas Night. This book has fun illustrations for your child to look at while you read to them, and you can have them point out the many colors on the pages!


You're My Little Christmas Cookie

This is an adorable book that can be found at Target or Walmart. This book is a sweet way to express your feelings for your little ones, as a grown up figure tells the little Christmas cookie that they are loved, sweet, nice, and more! The Christmas cookie is also super adorable and will definitely become a favorite at home!


The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Christmas 123

Another beloved book by Eric Carle. This book is amazing for toddlers and even babies, as it promotes counting objects. It is a very simple, yet effective, book and it will help them memorize the order of numbers and how to spell them as well. There are minimal words as well, so try to have your toddler read the pages!


Merry Christmas, Mouse! (If You Give...Series)

Another book that encourages counting! This series is a favorite in many homes and schools. The book will be very engaging for toddlers to get them to count and spell and makes it fun by being seasonal! The fun mouse character will also get them engaged, as well. 

December 21, 2023 — Emma Swain

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