Hello fellow parents and baking enthusiasts! Allowing your littles to help in the kitchen will teach them to grow up to be self sufficient. And, maybe even great chefs! Giving your child creative freedom in tasks is super beneficial to their development. Additionally, this creates quality time to spend with your toddlers. The only down-side to this can be the messes, but ask them to help you with that, too! Keep reading for some easy recipes (some are non-bake too!).

Rainbow Magic Cupcakes

Let's start with something colorful! Mix together a plain cupcake batter and divide it into small bowls. Add a few drops of different food coloring to each bowl. Now, let your little one take the lead in creating a rainbow of batter. Spoiler alert: things might get a bit tie-dye, but that's the fun part! Bake and voila, you've got a magical, rainbow cupcake!



No-Bake Cookie Monsters

Who says baking has to involve an oven? Enter the world of no-bake treats with these adorable Cookie Monsters. Mix together crushed graham crackers, peanut butter, and a splash of honey. Let your toddler shape these into little monster balls. Decorate with candy eyes, and watch your kitchen transform into a sweet monster paradise! You can also freeze a batch for those moments when a sweet tooth strike and you need a quick fix. 



Funky Fruit Pops

Time to add a healthy twist! Gather an assortment of colorful fruits - berries, melons, grapes - and let your toddler pick their favorite. Chop them into bite-sized pieces and slide them onto popsicle sticks. Dip in yogurt, sprinkle with a hint of cinnamon or shredded coconut, and freeze. Your toddler will love these fruity pops, and you don't have to feel guilty for indulging in them either!



Teddy Bear Picnic Cookies

Combine butter, sugar, and vanilla to create a classic cookie dough. Have your little one shape small portions into teddy bear shapes using their hands. After baking, let the creativity flow with colorful icing for decorating. It's not just about cookies; it's about creating a whimsical teddy bear picnic experience right at your kitchen table. 



 Pretzel Rod Paintbrushes

Turn ordinary pretzel rods into edible paintbrushes! Melt different colored chocolate melts and let your little artist dip and "paint" the pretzel rods. Add sprinkles or edible glitter for that extra touch of magic. These sweet and salty treats are not just delicious; they're a masterpiece in every bite!



Savory Veggie Pinwheels

Switch things up with a savory delight! Roll out puff pastry dough and let your toddler spread a cream cheese and herb mixture (with a spoon for safety). Sprinkle finely chopped veggies like bell peppers, carrots, and spinach. Roll it up, slide into pinwheels, and bake. These veggie pinwheels are not only easy but a sneaky way to get some nutritious bites in!



Fruit Butterfly Sandwiches

Transform lunchtime with these adorable fruit butterfly sandwiches. Use a butterfly-shaped cookie cutter to create sandwich shapes from whole-grain bread. Spread peanut butter, cream cheese, or a favorite spread. Add slices of colorful fruits like strawberries and grapes for the wings. A healthy and whimsical twist on the classic sandwich! Tip: talk about the shapes and colors that are created through the process of assembling the sandwich for a mini educational lesson!



Chocolate Dipped Banana Pops

Slices bananas into halves, insert popsicle sticks, and freeze. Melt dark or milk chocolate, and let your toddler dip the banana pops into the chocolate. Add sprinkles, crushed nuts, or coconut flakes for extra flair. These frozen delights are a delicious way to cool down and indulge in a healthier dessert option!

December 27, 2023 — Emma Swain

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