The Christmas season is finally here! For parents, there tend to be more cons than pros when it comes to the holidays. This time of year, it gets darker earlier, the weather is unbearable, and you can feel like you have cabin fever in your own home. This doesn't stop your children from having any fun, but sometimes it is best for them to keep the fun inside. While you're wrapping gifts or preparing for your Christmas day dinner, how do you keep your children happy and occupied? Keep reading to find some cute and easy crafts that your kids can engage in. These can also be decorations that you will put around your house for year to come!

(Note: before these crafts, make sure to lay out a layer of Glad Press'n Seal on the counter or table for easy cleanup!)

Popsicle Stick Tree Ornament

For the first craft, you will need 3 popsicle sticks for each child/ornament. These sticks can be recycled or bought for super cheap at a dollar store. You will also need any colored paint, yarn or string, small and colorful fluffy craft balls, glue (white glue is preferred, but if you use hot glue, use with caution) and construction paper. Start by having your toddler paint each popsicle stick any color they desire (the more colorful, the better). Then, glue the 3 sticks together in the shape of a triangle. After that, have your child pick out the ornaments (craft balls), and glue them in any way your toddler would like. Cut out a small tree stem and star for the tree and glue onto the sticks. Lastly, wrap the string or yarn into an oval and glue to the back of the star on the stick. 


Pasta Tree

For a fun and playful craft, grab an assortment of different types of noodles in your pantry or cabinet. Then, gather some paint and construction paper. First, have your child paint the different pieces of pasta in any way they'd like. Then, once dry, glue the pieces of pasta to the construction paper. Make sure that you help them form the pasta pieces into a shape of a Christmas tree. Then, cut a star out and glue to the top. 


Character Hand Cutouts

This craft requires construction paper, kid-safe scissors, cotton balls (optional), ribbon, small jingle bells, googly eyes, glue, and paint, markers or crayons. Start by setting your child's hand on their desired color of construction paper. Then, you or your child can get a marker and outline their hand. Then you child can use their kid-safe scissors and cut out the outline of their hand. After they cut out the hand, it's up to them with how they want to decorate it. They can use the cotton balls to make a Santa hat where the fingers are, or they can make a bow out of the ribbon and glue the bells in the middle. Let their creativity fly with this craft!


DIY Wreath

For this project, you will need a paper plate, green construction paper, scissors, green paint, colorful fluffy craft balls, glue, and string or yarn. This wreath is similar to the previous craft, trace and cut out about 12 outlines of your child's hand on green construction paper. Then, have your child cut the inside of a paper plate (leaving only the bumpy outline). Paint the outline of the plate green, then glue all of the cut-out hands on top to mimic the look of a wreath. Then, glue on the craft balls for a little pizzazz, glue the string on to hang it up, and you're done!


Fishbowl Ornament

This craft is a clear ornament that your child can fill with anything they desire. All you need is a clear ornament and any crafting supplies your child likes. Some things you can use for this are craft balls, paint, googly eyes, and more. All you need to do is open the top of the ornament and pour your desired objects in. 


Popsicle Stick Reindeer

If you have any leftover popsicle sticks, you can simply get brown paint and paint them brown, then use leftover googly eyes and glue them onto the popsicle stick. Use the craft balls to make a nose, then glue a string to the back. The one additional item you will need to add to tie it all together is brown pipe cleaners and wrap one around each stick to mimic reindeer antlers. 


Paper Garland

With your construction paper, you can have your child create a fun colorful garland to hang above any windows indoors. You can do a theme like doing all white to create a snowman at the top or you can simply have them use any colors of their choice. All you have to do is cut a piece in construction paper in half and roll each piece into a circle and either tape it together or staple them. 


Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

To begin this craft, you will need a piece of cardboard, glue, a few shades of green tissue paper, and colorful shades of tissue paper. First, start by cutting the cardboard into the shape of a Christmas tree. Then, cut all of your tissue paper into small pieces (approx. 4x4). Put a layer of glue on one section and then grab your pieces of tissue paper and crumble them up to make texture. Be sure to add the colorful pieces in between the green to make them look like scattered ornaments. 


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November 15, 2023 — Emma Swain

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