Your baby has been crying non-stop for what feels like hours. You're already running low on sleep, so this doesn't help you or anyone else in your home at all. You may feel hopeless. Here are tips to calm your baby with colic.  

Begin by making sure your presence is known by your baby. Once they see you, they may feel a sense of comfort. However, it probably won't magically make your baby stop crying. Start by getting your baby out of their crib and holding them in your arms. Babies tend to mirror emotions that they see when face to face with someone, so try to maintain a calm and peaceful manner as you look at them. Try talking to them about anything. 

You can also sway them gently back and forth in your arms and pat on their back simultaneously. You can try walking around your home or the nursery with your baby just to get in motion and try to get their mind away from crying. 


If those solutions aren't effective yet, try sitting down in a rocking chair or chair of any kind and hold them close to you. You could wrap them in a blanket, but just make sure they are comfortable. Another thing you could try is putting your baby back in their crib and in a swaddle. Also try turning on a noise machine for your baby, as this can distract them and bring them a sense of calmness. 

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If this crying occurs during the day, taking your baby for a nice stroll around the neighborhood or down the street is a helpful solution. The noises outside can be a distraction and being in the fresh air can make a world of difference. 


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September 27, 2023 — Emma Swain

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