Did you know that crib rail covers are the safe alternative to bumpers? They protect the crib from the effects of teething marks and protect baby from ingesting wood slivers when teething. Plus, a crib rail cover simply enhances the look of the nursery!

Liz and Roo makes crib rail covers with your baby’s safety in mind. We sew button holes in the crib rail cover and then pull the ties through the button hole to tie a knot (and then a bow, if you wish), ensuring your baby, as he or she grows, doesn’t untie them! Our crib rail covers are a generous 18″ deep (9″ each side when hung on the rail). Compare to other brands at 14″ and 16″. You need the depth to cover the wood on many crib styles.

Take a peek at the baby crib rail covers available at lizandroo.com. Any crib rail cover can be monogrammed, a great way to personalize baby’s room.

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