Creating a baby definitely takes two, but does designing a nursery also take two?! Well, that all depends on your partner’s creative flair (or lack thereof!) as well as his personal desire to be involved. Now perhaps we’re being presumptuous, but dare say that most husbands would rather likely dash out to watch some fall football than be involved in making such important life decisions as whether to opt for a coral crib skirt or a navy crib skirt. But is the best approach one where you creatively manage and implement the design of the nursery all on your own?

Given that your wonderful husband will also spend numerous hours in the nursery raising your beautiful newborn, the benefits of involving him in the nursery design phase are many. A mother builds a connection with her baby as it grows within her belly, whereas for a man, this relationship tends to develop slowly, slowly (did someone say slowly?!) until nine months has passed and then bingo, he finds himself in the midst of it all on the day of your baby’s birth. Having your partner involved in the decisions about your little one’s nursery is one way you can support him to develop closer feelings with the baby throughout your pregnancy.

Your husband may or may not be interested in assisting with the finer details, but perhaps now is the time to ask. Many women naturally presume their hubby would rather mow the lawn than contribute to the ‘nesting’ process, but in fact, many men are secretly chomping at the bit to be included. Perhaps selecting the color of the crib bedding or diving into nursery design won’t be his thing, but helping select the overall theme and painting the walls might be! Whatever it is that he wants to do, accept the help and cherish the time working together. It might be some of the very last times you get to spend together just as a couple, and it probably won’t even feel like work, but more like a united project with a common end goal. Think of the fun you can have shopping for accessories for your nautical nursery or elephant nursery!

Don’t feel like painting? We love Smiley Walls, a site on Etsy that sells great looking vinyl wall art. With this idea, you and your husband can skip the painting process altogether and utilize their wall art. Look at the precious Woodland nursery stick-on for the wall, full of birch trees.


By the time you finally reach the precious moment of bringing your newborn home from hospital, all tucked in with his or her little minky blanket, the love you’ll feel for each other will likely already be at an all-time high. But imagine just how much greater it can be when you spend time together as a new family in his or her nursery and experience the joy of knowing you’ve shared the entire journey together. 

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