Every baby needs a security blanket to help with transition or stressful times, events, and for nap time and sleep time. Studies have proven that babies become attached to and depend on their own blanket for self comfort. Babies love to touch – tactile feel is very important to their comfort – and thus the feel of the blanket is key. Satin is the most appealing fabric to babies, followed by fur (faux fur!).  The addition of any other tactile element simply contributes to their attachment to their favorite blanket. 

A Little Roo Lovey has all the elements of the perfect security blanket. First, the entire back of the blanket is made of REAL stain. The front of the blanket is luxe, soft minky (faux fur) trimmed in more satin. The perfect finishing touch is the addition of the signature “Kangaroo Patch”, embroidered on each blanket by hand! This satin kangaroo becomes the focal point of the blanket.  

Little Roo Loveys come in gray, pink and blue. You’ll love the security that our Lovey provides for your baby or toddler, whether you are headed off to day care, a new surrounding, or at nap time and bed time. 

Little Roo Loveys. In three minky colors, plus seersucker, chevron, and suzani available online here and here!


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